Commercial Trash Compactors & Commercial Balers for Sale

Global Trash Solutions offers a range of commercial trash compactors and industrial balers to help businesses of every size run smoothly and efficiently.

Industrial Trash Compactors: On our site you’ll find vertical and horizontal compactors for every application. Our commercial-size compactors are ideal for smaller facilities, like retail stores, hospitals, and grocery stores. Our large industrial compactors are suitable for manufacturing and industrial plants and transfer stations.

Our vertical compactors are loadable from the ground, off a dock, or through a wall. We also offer an ultra-compact unit designed specifically for apartment buildings, hotels, high-rise buildings, hospitals, and other buildings where space is limited.

Industrial Balers: Our vertical and horizontal balers are ideal for managing waste paper, corrugated cardboard, newsprint, plastics, foam rubber, light aluminum, and other recyclables. Our vertical balers are ultra-efficient and designed to maximize space.

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  • B4 trash baler

    Bramidan B4 Recycling Baler

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  • Cardboard-Balers-VB-Series

    Cram-A-Lot 60 Inch Vertical Baler

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  • GTS2000 Indoor Trash Compactor

    Global Trash Solutions GTS2000 Indoor Commercial Trash Compactor with Custom Waste Dolly

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  • Bramidan X10 Baler

    Bramidan X10 HD Baler

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  • GTS1500 Indoor Trash Compactor

    Global Trash Solutions GTS1500 Indoor Commercial Trash Compactor

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  • b4-baler

    Cram-A-Lot Self-Contained Trash Compactor

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  • Bramidan X25 HD Baler

    Bramidan X25 HD Baler

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  • H2R-60-Auto-Tie-np

    Cram-A-Lot H2R 60 Horizontal Auto Tie Baler

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  • Bramidan Drum Press Baler

    Bramidan DP16 Drum Press

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  • Bramidan B6030 Baler

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  • Bramidan X30 HD Baler

    Bramidan X30 HD Baler

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  • Bramidan MC4 Baler

    Bramidan MC4 Baler

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  • Bramidan B5 Wide Baler

    Bramidan B5 Wide Baler

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  • stationary compactor

    Cram-A-Lot Stationary Trash Compactor

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  • Closed-End-Horizontal-Baler-np

    Cram-A-Lot Closed-End Horizontal Baler

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  • Wide-Mouth-Horizontal-Baler-np

    Cram-A-Lot Wide Mouth Horizontal Baler

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