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Waste Management Solutions for Managing Paper Waste

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Made from the pulp of wood, grasses, or other fibrous materials, paper is used in everything from newspapers to packaging materials to cleaning products. It is one of the most used—and most disposed of—materials in the world.

Paper Waste by the Numbers

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In 2017, paper products including food packaging, newspapers, and cardboard materials made up the largest component of municipal solid waste in the U.S. (67 tons), according to the EPA. Nearly 70 percent of this was recycled—the highest recycling rate of all municipal solid waste.

Recycling paper saves landfill space, reduces energy and water consumption, and reduces greenhouse gases.

Get Paper Waste Under Control and Improve Recycling Rates with a Paper Baler

The average business generates tons of paper waste every year. Most of it comes from shredded documents, packaging, paper bags, newspapers, and magazines.

Investing in a paper baler can help you efficiently manage paper waste and even cut costs. Balers are easy to operate and create compact bales that take up less space. Fewer truckloads to the recycling plant mean you save on hauling costs. And bales are less likely to end up in a landfill since they’re more desirable for businesses that use recyclable materials in their products.

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Vertical balers are ideal for businesses like restaurants, retailers, and supermarkets that have smaller quantities of paper waste to manage. Horizontal balers are best suited for manufacturing plants and distribution centers that deal with large amounts of paper waste.

Responsibly managing paper waste is good for the environment, your bottom line, and your business image.

Featured Product

The Cram-A-Lot wide mouth horizontal baler is ideal for warehouses and businesses that process large amounts of corrugated cardboard, office paper, newsprint, and other paper materials. It can also bale plastics, foam rubber, light aluminum, and other recyclables.

This heavy-duty wastepaper baling machine produces bales up to 1,300 pounds with no pre-conditioning or fluffing required. It is safe and easy to use and requires no special training.

Purchase our GTS HE-60 wide mouth horizontal paper baler for sale directly online or contact us to learn more. We offer payment options to suit every budget—rent, lease, or buy.

Reduce Paper Waste. Save Money.

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