Cram-A-Lot Chute-Fed Apartment Trash Compactor

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The compactor packs into a 2-yd or 3-yd front load or rear load container where overall space utilization is critical. These powerful units are the perfect solution for high-rise apartments, hotels, hospitals, dormitories, condominiums, office buildings, and anywhere else trash space is very limited.

Leasing Price: $310/mo for 60 months. Apply for financing.

Lead Time: 6-8 weeks


The Standard Features of a GTS Apartment Trash Compactor

Apartment or condo operations always require efficient waste management. Installing an apartment trash compactor will drastically lower hauling costs while providing a marketable convenience to your guests and tenants.

A GTS Apartment Garbage Compactor is designed to solve those extra-tight space problems. Incorporating a trash chute compactor into your high rise building, hotel, or apartment complex will provide these features, which are highly sought-after in the hospitality and residential industries:

  • Units can be equipped with high-rise chute hoppers, ground feed hoppers, and any other special installation solution requirement
  • Your apartment compactor can be equipped with single-side latching for easy and quick container removal
  • UL/CUL Listed Control Panel
  • ANSI Z245.2 & ANSI Z245.21 Compliant
  • Quiet Operating Vane Pump

The Many Benefits of Trash Chute Apartment Compactors

By routing all consumer garbage through chute systems, your apartment complex or housing facility can:

  • Reduce labor, handling, and hauling costs by 50% or more.
  • Market the convenience of transporting personal trash only to the nearest trash chute.
  • Advertise your facility’s environmental efforts around waste management.
  • Reduce the ability of insects and rodents to gain access to a food source.

Purchasing the Right Apartment Garbage Compactor

You can purchase the Cram-a-Lot Chute-Fed Apartment Trash Compactor online today! If you want to order more than one, or simply have questions about any of our products and services, contact GTS today. You can make this investment pay off while your business starts saving money by applying for financing at only $355/month per unit for 60 months. The benefits of your new waste management system will start paying off as soon as it is installed.

Additional information

  • 2 Yard Capacity-Front Load Container on castors with fold down closure doors
  • 75%-100% Full light
  • Additional Keys (2)
  • Auto Cycle Operation w/Photocell, audible & Visible Alarm
  • Complete UL Listing
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Oil Sight Gauge
  • Remote Power unit
  • Spin on Oil Filter
  • TEFC Electric Motor
  • Tri-Volt Adapter, 5hp, 3 Phase

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