Public Sector Recycling and Waste Management Solutions


    The public sector is broad. It includes government-funded hospitals, high schools, elementary schools, universities, prisons, police, urban planning agencies, local governments, fire stations, and various social services agencies. While these organizations may differ in how they serve the public, they share one common challenge: how to implement efficient recycling and solid waste management practices.

    The expert waste consultants at Global Trash Solutions help public institutions secure comprehensive recycling and solid waste management contracts at the best rates. Our waste brokers are skilled negotiators—we routinely save our clients an average of 35% on waste management and recycling costs.


    Here’s how our waste consulting process works:

    • Waste Audit: We start by performing a detailed audit of your current waste management and disposal
    • Analysis: We identify inefficiencies and pinpoint waste solutions, including which services and equipment will help streamline your waste disposal
    • Recommendations: Finally, we present our findings to you in a detailed report with our recommendations and the amounts you might save on waste collection services.
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    We don’t stop at recommendations, though. Global Trash Solutions provides complete waste brokering services. We help local governments with municipal solid waste and public sector organizations reduce their bulk waste collection costs. Our waste brokers can help you:

    • Generate RFPs
    • Negotiate and secure the best waste collection contract terms
    • Implement new contracts and solid waste services
    • Monitor waste collection contracts and resolve waste transport and handling issues
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    Partnering for Better Public Sector Solid Waste Services

    GTS can help with all types of municipal solid waste from public sector facilities, transportation hubs, and construction projects. The solid waste services and equipment used in the public sector have a huge impact on the environment.

    With help from GTS consulting, brokering, and equipment, the public sector is setting the standard and complying with all environmental protection agency (EPA) requirements. These solutions are reducing food waste and hazardous waste production while recycling as many materials as possible and streamlining waste transport.

    How GTS Helps Reduce Waste and Costs in the Public Sector

    Every public sector facility has an ideal process for managing the waste they produce, and GTS has solutions for the diverse and specialized needs of each:

    • Hospital waste management, health care facilities, assisted living centers. Medical and hospital waste disposal requires dealing with sharps, hazardous waste, contaminated paper products, and food waste. GTS has solutions to safely manage medical waste.
    • Schools, prisons, and shelters. School waste reduction efforts can minimize uneaten food and solid waste, but there will always be a large amount of hard drives, glass, paper, cans, cardboard, plastic, and food services waste to be compressed, baled, and safely transported.
    • Police departments, fire stations, and transportation hubs. GTS can help these facilities manage the flow of recyclables and solid waste with solutions for bulk waste and specialized materials that need disposal.
    • Municipal waste services. GTS can find the best prices for long-term municipal waste services, including hauling, recycling, compacting, and baling. We can help with planning for demolition waste, inventory waste, and composting. Keeping a local supply chain of usable and uncontaminated recycled materials can spur local businesses to become reliable buyers.
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    team of business

    Learn More About Public Sector Waste Management

    Depending on the specific needs and challenges of your organization’s solid waste program, simple changes like investing in commercial trash compactors or balers may help you better reduce the volume of waste and recycling, reducing your costs. You may be able to eliminate waste and excess inventory, while improving your food waste handling and properly disposing of medical waste. Almost every business benefits from modern bulk waste solutions and waste disposal services.

    Whatever we find in our audit, our solid waste consultants and commercial waste brokers leverage their industry knowledge and relationships to secure you the most comprehensive contract at the best rates. Contact us today at 866-305-8462 to get started with a free consultation for your solid waste planning and waste management equipment that will improve the way your public service facility benefits your local community.