Public Sector Recycling and Waste Management Solutions


    The public sector is broad. It includes government funded hospitals, high schools, elementary schools, universities, prisons, police, urban planning agencies, fire stations, and various social services agencies. While these organizations may differ in how they serve the public, they share one common challenge: how to efficiently manage waste and recycling.

    The expert waste consultants at Global Trash Solutions help public institutions secure comprehensive waste management contracts at the best rates. Our consultants are skilled negotiators—we routinely save our clients an average of 35% on trash and recycling costs.

    Here’s how our process works:

    • Waste Audit: We start by performing a detailed audit of your current waste disposal practices.
    • Analysis: We identify inefficiencies and determine which services and equipment will help streamline your waste management process.
    • Recommendations: Finally, we present our findings to you in a detailed report with our recommendations.
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    We don’t stop at recommendations, though. Global Trash Solutions provides complete waste broker services. We help local governments and public sector organizations:

    • Generate RFPs
    • Negotiate and secure the best contract terms
    • Implement new contracts/services
    • Monitor contracts and identify issues

    Depending on the specific needs and challenges of your organization, simple changes like investing in commercial trash compactors or balers may help you better manage waste and recycling, reducing your costs. Or, your current waste management system may need a complete overhaul.

    Whatever we find in our audit, our solid waste consultants leverage their industry knowledge and relationships to secure you the most comprehensive contract at the best rates.

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