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Public Sector Recycling and Waste Management Solutions

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We offer a free consultation and evaluation of current spending to businesses that are looking to reduce costs.

To serve the public well, hospitals, public administration offices, schools, universities, and prisons must run efficiently. While these organizations may differ in how they serve the public, they share one common challenge: how to efficiently manage waste and recycling.

For organizations like hospitals and clinics, proper waste handling is especially critical. Biomedical waste like sharps and injection vials must be disposed of in accordance with state and federal laws to protect patients, visitors, and staff.

Food waste, paper, plastic, and other recyclable materials take up precious space and need to be sorted and removed quickly and cost-effectively.

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Global Trash Solutions routinely helps public institutions reduce waste and recycling costs by an average of 35%.

  • We start by performing a waste audit to understand how your recyclable and non-recyclable waste is currently being managed.
  • Then we determine how to make the waste handling process more efficient to reduce costs.
  • Finally, we present our findings to you in a detailed report along with recommendations for better waste minimization and handling.

Depending on the specific needs and challenges of your organization, simple changes like investing in a commercial trash compactor or baler could help you dramatically improve your waste management.

Or, you may need a complete overhaul of your current waste management system. Our professional solid waste consultants leverage their industry knowledge and relationships to secure you the most comprehensive contract at the best rates. Our mission is to find waste management strategies that work for your organization.

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