About Us

Global Trash Solutions (GTS) is a unique waste management consultant and equipment manufacturing firm established in 2008. We help businesses across the U.S. save capital by changing the way they handle and think about their solid waste disposal needs.

GTS consists of two distinct but integrated divisions:

  • Our equipment arm manufactures and distributes commercial waste management equipment, accessories, and appliances.
  • Our consulting and brokerage arm provides waste stream analysis and management to help our customers maximize efficiency of solid waste disposal costs. We become your single point of contact, from waste pick-up to disposal and billing for a total waste management solution. GTS is an industry expert that has spent years studying the market and its trends. This—plus the connections we’ve established over the years—puts us in a unique position to bargain the best rate for your business.

Global Trash Solutions (GTS) maintains a commitment to providing on-demand waste management strategies and solutions that meet our customer’s unique waste stream needs. These two divisions promote distinct products but work in tandem to help us fulfill our mission of creating comprehensive waste management solutions for our customers.

Our Commitment to Healthy Communities

GTS is not only a waste management consultant—we’re a waste reduction consultant. We’ve made it a goal to not only change the way businesses handle their waste, but to make the communities and areas we live in environmentally-friendly and clean.

We help you develop innovative waste management strategies that improve your community.

Our Focus on Cost Reduction

Many business owners believe that the cost of waste disposal is a fixed utility that they have absolutely no control over, but nothing could be further from the truth. Global Trash Solutions’ average national savings is 35%; it is not uncommon for our clients see savings of 50% and higher on their waste and recycling costs.

Ready for affordable, sustainable waste management solutions? Contact us for a free consultation and evaluation of your business’ waste and recycling with one of our expert waste management consultants.