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    Global Trash Solutions (GTS) provides industry-specific and nationwide waste management services that help reduce solid waste and support sustainability with responsible waste disposal. By partnering with our team of professional waste consultants and waste brokers, we can create and implement plans to improve efficiency, comply with green initiatives, and reduce costs by 35% or more.

    Commercial Waste Management Solutions

    With some of the most effective waste brokers, waste management equipment, and a network of garbage service providers all across the country, GTS is a leader in the waste industry. We partner with some of the largest restaurant franchises and retain chains to reduce costs and implement innovative waste management processes.

    By analyzing your business waste stream and identifying opportunities, GTS can take your commercial, institutional or industrial waste, food waste, or municipal solid waste management to the next level.

    Reduce Rates With a Waste Broker

    Is your company overspending for waste management and recycling services? GTS has some of the top waste brokers in North America, who can leverage a network of waste haulers, collection services, and recycling markets. Waste brokering allows you to receive the best rates available in your area and across multiple locations nationwide. Put our expert waste broker relations in your company’s corner and let us negotiate and manage your contracts.

    Improve Processes With a Waste Management Consultant

    Our expert waste consultants can help your business streamline waste management processes, implement waste reduction strategies, reduce recycling costs, and even limit staff and management costs by creating a more efficient waste management system that fits the size and scope of your business. Waste consulting solves waste problems by analyzing the types of waste you produce and recommending process improvements and equipment.

    Replace Outdated Waste Handling Equipment

    Aging or nonexistent waste disposal equipment is likely to cost your company more in monthly waste management services and recycling costs. By installing modern trash compactors and cardboard balers, you can drastically reduce the volume of trash bags and solid waste that eventually ends up in a landfill.

    With the right equipment in place, you can increase recycling rates and provide uncontaminated and usable recycled materials to the market. Balers can also package other sorted materials including plastic, wood, or textiles to reduce the costs of collection.

    Partnering With Global Trash Solutions

    The waste brokers and consultants at Global Trash Solutions are ready to find innovative waste management solutions for your business to slash your waste expenses by 35% or more. You can enjoy a single point of contact while leveraging the resources of waste management companies all across the United States.

    GTS also offers 24/7 baler repairs and commercial compactor repairs and maintenance nationwide. Complete our contact form below and one of our solid waste brokers will be in touch shortly.

    Request a quote risk free today to realize the cost reductions and improved environmental services new technology has to offer. We have the industry knowledge and relationships with waste companies to help you secure the best contract at the lowest rates—it’s how we’ve grown to become one of the most trusted waste consulting companies in the country.

    Local Partners for Waste Collection and Disposal Services

    With GTS, your organization can support local businesses while leveraging nationwide networks for waste management services. Contact us in Florida or Connecticut to gain access to the cost savings and peace of mind GTS provides to small local businesses, national franchises, and regional chain retailers.

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