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    Waste management solutions

    Global Trash Solutions (GTS) is proud to offer waste management solutions from our strategically located office in San Diego, serving the sunny Southern California region. As leaders in sustainable waste management, our expert team of waste brokers and consultants specializes in delivering custom services that can accommodate the diverse needs of local businesses.

    GTS offers high-quality equipment, available for sale or lease, that can handle all types of waste materials, including paper, plastics, metals, textiles, and cardboard boxes. Our industrial balers, dumpsters, and related waste disposal equipment can sharply reduce the volume of waste piling up onsite. From vertical balers and horizontal balers for recyclable waste to heavy-duty trash compactors, we provide the tools needed to transform waste management practices across Southern California.

    Whether it’s through innovative waste reduction plans or the installation of high-performance trash compactors and balers, we are dedicated to helping SoCal businesses reduce their environmental impact while improving their bottom line.

    Waste Solutions in Southern California

    Waste solutions in southern california

    At Global Trash Solutions, our mission in Southern California is to enhance waste management practices through cutting-edge technologies and smart strategies that preserve the environment as well as offer significant cost savings to businesses. We specialize in a range of waste services customized for the unique demands of your organization.

    Our expert team provides waste consultation and brokering services that navigate the complexities of local waste regulations to secure the most favorable terms for your waste collection and disposal needs. With a focus on sustainability, we offer solutions designed to improve your company’s green credentials while maximizing economic returns. Businesses who work with GTS routinely see a 35% or more savings on their waste disposal expenses.

    We offer a wide array of equipment and services in Southern California:

    • Waste brokering to negotiate better contracts and pickup
    • Waste consulting and audits to minimize waste production.
    • Commercial and industrial waste management solutions tailored to your needs.
    • Cardboard balers and similar machines to manage small and large bales.
    • Trash and waste compactors, including custom equipment for specific types of waste.
    • Compactor and baler repair services to maintain your waste management system.
    • Sustainable waste management plans that support long-term environmental goals.

    Through these services, Global Trash Solutions ensures that businesses across Southern California can achieve optimal waste compaction and disposal efficiency, ultimately benefiting their operational outcomes.

    Why Choose GTS in Southern California?

    GTS in Southern California

    Selecting Global Trash Solutions for your waste management needs in SoCal means partnering with a leader in the industry renowned for innovation and first-rate customer service. Our team of San Diego-based waste brokers and consultants bring a wealth of experience to the task of delivering cost-effective, sustainable waste management solutions, from waste pickups to streamlining your entire recycling process.

    Our services, from detailed waste audits to customized programs incorporating high-grade recycling balers and trash compactors, are designed not only to meet regulatory standards but also to enhance your company’s environmental reputation. Our custom recycling solutions are geared to improve your operations and boost your bottom line—that’s why GTS is the preferred choice for many Southern California companies.

    Waste Management Services Outside of SoCal

    Global Trash Solutions’ service area extends across the United States. Whether your business operates in a single location outside of Southern California or maintains multiple facilities nationwide, our network of waste consultants and brokers is ready to assist you. We offer a full suite of waste management solutions designed to optimize waste handling and enhance sustainability at any scale.

    Contact us today to learn how we can help your business achieve efficient waste management and environmental compliance, wherever you are located.