Your Commercial Waste Management Partners


    As leaders in the waste management industry, we partner with leaders in all major industries to fully design, optimize, and control their waste management and recycling operations. While you can work with us as waste consultants, brokers, and equipment suppliers, we welcome deeper strategic partnerships with businesses nationwide to create custom business sustainability solutions.

    As your global waste management partners, we can leverage a network of waste and recycling services, provide right-sized trash compactors and recycling balers, and negotiate the best possible vendor contracts. By informing and executing your strategic business plans, we can help implement your sustainability strategy and reduce costs for a solid bottom line.

    Benefits of Partnering With GTS

    As your business partner in waste management, GTS provides the cutting-edge technology and process improvement expertise to perform periodic waste stream audits, design waste diversion solutions, provide business intelligence and measurable results, and assist you in streamlining operations and saving money. By being involved in the planning and monitoring phases of your waste and recycling project, we truly partner with your sustainable business for long-term growth, discounted pricing, and optimal waste solutions.

    It is all too common in the waste industry to take advantage of a customer’s lack of knowledge or attention to their waste and recycling issues. Your local recycling or trash hauler has no incentive to help you reduce expenses or reach your sustainability goals.

    As your waste management and waste reduction partner, GTS is fully invested in helping you with:

    • Sustainability assessments
    • Full waste stream auditing
    • Recycling and diversion programs
    • Electronic waste monitoring solutions
    • Waste compacting and baling equipment
    • Designing and implementing better waste and recycling processes
    • Renewable energy projects
    • Reducing your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions
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    Our Commercial and Industrial Partners

    As leaders in commercial waste management, we have connections with all facets of the waste disposal business. We have trucking partners and recycling markets across the United States, as well as access to all the latest software and electronic solutions you need to report progress on your sustainable business practices, cost reductions, and zero-waste initiatives.

    We use these connections and years of experience in our partnerships with major corporations across multiple locations, including Marriott, Coca-Cola, Chipotle, Costco, Subway, Wendy’s, and Starbucks. Bringing together engineering and environmental waste solutions with technical suppliers and equipment, we can make your solid waste program greener while reducing your business expenses.

    We partner with businesses in these challenging industries:

    • Facility Management
    • Hotels & Restaurants
    • Industrial Manufacturing
    • Marine & Offshore
    • Public Sector Townships & Small Communities
    • Retail (Food)
    • Retail (Non-Food)
    • Storage & Logistics

    How to Partner With Us

    We are ready to work with you as your recycling and solid waste partner no matter the size of your organization. The process to get started reducing costs and improving your waste efficiency is simple.

    • Schedule a free consultation to find out more about the process of partnering with us.
    • Waste stream audits and consultations are conducted to identify sustainability issues, hazardous waste concerns, and the type and volume of waste generated.
    • You will receive a potential partner proposal which outlines potential cost savings, supply chain improvements, recommended equipment, and suggested process changes.
    • By contracting with us for service, equipment, and support, you can take meaningful action toward your civic, environmental, financial, and social responsibility
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    Take the First Step Toward a Sustainable Partnership

    To get started building a business partnership with our industry experts, complete the form below and schedule a free consultation. The mutually beneficial partnership will improve your sustainability practices while cutting costs and maintaining positive cash flow. Our commitment to integrity, honesty, communication, and accountability will be the perfect match for your business.

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