Waste Management & Recycling Solutions for Your Industry


    Business Recycling and Waste Disposal Solutions for Your Industry

    Global Trash Solutions (GTS) has spent years analyzing the waste management industry and waste disposal solutions and forging relationships with reputable waste haulers across the country. We provide commercial waste disposal services to a broad range of industries nationwide. Affordable waste solutions that are tailored for your business allow you to reduce waste costs, implement waste reduction strategies, and utilize efficient disposal solutions across your organization.

    The Industries We Serve

    GTS offers innovative commercial waste management and recycling solutions for all types of industries nationwide. Every industry has its own challenges and having an expert consultant and waste management partner on your team will help your business reach its budget goals while maintaining your commitment to sustainability.

    recycle bin in office

    Facility Waste Management

    Whether your facility is a sports complex, a convention center, or a shopping mall, commercial waste management services from GTS will help you find an affordable waste handling and disposal solution. Facility waste management might involve negotiating dumpster rental costs, scheduling garbage collection service, managing seasonal fluctuations in volume, or implementing custom recycling solutions.

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    woman throwing away food at resturant

    Commercial Waste Management for Hotels & Restaurants

    Reducing waste in restaurants is often a central goal of management. GTS has helped thousands of restaurants and hotels find affordable waste reduction strategies and management solutions to manage solid waste, reduce food waste, and lower the costs of waste disposal. From boutique hotels to international restaurant and hotel chains, GTS helps hospitality businesses save money while maintaining a clean, odor-free, and welcoming environment for guests.

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    Manufacturing & Industrial Waste Management

    Industrial and manufacturing facilities are constantly looking for reliable waste solutions to reduce waste hauling costs and limit their environmental impact. Whether your process requires recycling services, managing hazardous waste, or needs to reduce packaging waste and lower your carbon footprint, GTS will help you discover strategies to reduce and affordably manage your waste.

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    ocean shore full of trash and waste

    Marine & Offshore Solid Waste Management

    Ship waste disposal can be logistically challenging on marine vessels and offshore platforms. GTS understands how essential safe and clean offshore waste collection is for crew and guests. Our waste consultants have years of experience helping marine and offshore businesses manage solid waste and business recycling on cruise ships, floating casinos, and all marine facilities with leak-proof waste compactors that maximize storage and help prevent pests.

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    Public Sector Waste Management

    Whether you manage a hospital, school, library, or small municipal garbage collection service, GTS will work with you to find an effective, affordable solution for waste disposal, recycling, and junk removal services. Our commercial trash compactors and balers are ideal for public institutions that need to reclaim the value of recyclable materials, reduce organic waste volume, and find flexible and dependable waste management services.

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    waiter clearing plates of food

    Waste Management for Food Stores

    Retail food establishments need efficient ways to dispose of solid waste and recycling. We’ll work with you to secure a solution that fits your business, whether you run a small grocery store, a string of convenience stores, or a national chain. Reducing spoilage by donating food will reduce the amount of waste produced, and composting spoiled items will reduce greenhouse gases. Our commercial trash compactors and balers can help you manage packaging waste on site.

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    Retail Store Waste Management

    Retail (non-food) stores have goods arriving 2-3 times per week, which makes managing cardboard and plastic packaging a real challenge for brick-and-mortar stores. Our commercial compactors and balers can help you keep waste under control between garbage hauls. And, with our connections, we’ll find the best waste hauling, recycling pickup, and junk removal prices for your single retail store or big-box chain.

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    storage unit full of items

    Waste Management for Storage & Logistics Companies

    Cardboard boxes and plastic shipping material can quickly accumulate and overwhelm a storage facility or shipping company. The expert waste management consultants at GTS will help you develop a plan to reduce your average cost of waste handling as an integrated part of your workflow—to save time and boost your bottom line.

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    Residential Waste Management for Apartment Complexes

    Overflowing trash and recycling bins are unsightly, potentially hazardous for tenants and visitors, and can attract rodents. Whether you manage a single apartment building or complexes throughout the country, GTS will help you secure a cost-effective solution to manage refuse and recycling. By properly routing residential waste through your facility, you can drastically reduce the volume of waste and save money on dumpster rentals and pickups.

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    medical waste

    Medical Waste Management

    Medical waste can be hazardous to human health and requires specialized handling and disposal. The expert medical waste brokers and consultants at GTS will help small clinics and large hospitals find affordable waste handling solutions that factor in the issues and hazards unique to the medical and laboratory industry. Get immediate guidance to implement biological and biochemical hazardous waste reduction and disposal strategies that are fully compliant with environmental and health regulations.

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