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An important factor for a successful facility management contract is the successful handling of waste and recycling processes. The ability to offer reliable, high-quality waste and recycling services to your clientele is an important factor.

With the help of Global Trash Solutions, facility management firms can reduce waste and recycling costs with an average of 35% reduction.

We offer a free consultation and evaluation of your facility management firm’s waste and recycling.

One of our professional waste consultants can perform a comprehensive inspection of how your waste is handled to reveal how considerable cost savings can be within reach for your facility. Once our inspection is complete, you will receive a savings report showing all the available options for your business. This gives you the latitude to decide which waste minimization solution is right for the facility you manage.

By installing a compactor or baler from Global Trash Solutions, you give your customers a quick, efficient way to dispose of their waste. Global Trash Solutions’ balers and compactors are designed to promote swift handling of loose waste and a more hygienic and efficient work environment. Global Trash Solutions provides products and services that are highly effective, regardless of the size of your venue: whether it is a sports stadium, convention center, or shopping complex, we can help you choose solutions that are crucial to your success with respect to your waste handling and disposal processes. We can aid you in devising appropriate strategies for solid waste management .

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Our waste reduction consultants have experience with many types of venues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Sporting venues and stadiums
  • Concert halls
  • Convention centers
  • Shopping complexes

The specific types of waste reduction equipment and processes that we recommend to our clients depend on the unique characteristics of the venue(s) in question. We have experience with the efficient disposal of all kinds of waste, from cardboard to metal. Whether you are managing a large facility devoted to industrial manufacturing or a tiny restaurant, a waste audit from our sustainability and recycling consultants will help you substantially enhance your waste reduction efforts. You should benefit substantially from the tools and expertise offered by Global Trash Solutions and our team of experts in waste management strategies.

For more information on our recycling and waste management solutions, feel free to contact Global Trash Solutions.

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