Facility Waste Management

Business Waste & Recycling Solutions


    Business Waste Services for Facility Management

    Large facilities have unique challenges in managing their waste stream. Shopping malls, convention centers, and other large venues have complex needs for recycling and waste stations, as well as waste collection, storage, and disposal. Developing a comprehensive waste management plan will reduce costs, improve compliance, and demonstrate your facility’s environmental commitment to sustainability.

    Business Waste Services & Recycling Solutions

    An important factor for a successful facility is providing the right waste management services to your clients. Whether you offer long-term leases or short-term bookings, waste management for facilities must provide venue recycling programs and utilize the most efficient means to keep maintenance and disposal costs under control.

    Global Trash Solutions offers facility waste consulting to analyze your facility’s waste policy and processes to improve your recycling and waste programs. With the help of GTS waste brokers to negotiate fair pricing on your waste management services, facility management firms can reduce commercial waste and recycling costs an average of 35%.

    Leverage Industry-Leading Waste Management Consultants

    We offer a free consultation and evaluation of your waste facilities, municipal solid waste production, and facility services to help you lower disposal costs, reduce generation of waste, and make efficient use of space. One of our waste management consultants can perform a comprehensive inspection to identify recycling opportunities, analyze current contacts and waste handling processes, and develop action plans to improve usage of recycling and waste receptacles .

    Once our inspection is complete, you will receive a savings report showing all the available options for your facility waste management. This allows you to exercise strategic planning and develop internal and external processes in line with your mission statement and organizational goals. Global Trash Solutions provides products and services that are highly effective, regardless of the size of your management facility. Whether it is a sports arena, convention center, or shopping complex, we can help you choose solutions that are crucial to your strategic management planning and bottom line.

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    Professional Waste Management Services for Facilities

    Our waste management consultants have experience with many types of venues and can advise you on upgraded equipment and technology solutions and the complex challenge of stadium and arena recycling. We help facilities lower maintenance costs while providing the recycling programs and hazardous waste diversion required by local and state regulations.

    We offer facility waste consulting services to many large venues and small businesses, including:

    • Sports stadiums and arenas
    • Concert halls
    • Convention centers
    • Shopping malls
    • Theme parks
    • Multiplex movie theaters
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    The specific types of commercial waste reduction equipment and processes that we recommend to our clients depend on the unique characteristics of the venue(s) in question. We have experience with the efficient disposal of all kinds of municipal solid waste and recyclable materials, including food waste, plastic products, cardboard, and metal.
    How GTS Helps Lower Disposal Costs and Improve Facilities Services

    How GTS Helps Lower Disposal Costs and Improve Facilities Services

    Whether you are managing a large facility that serves enormous crowds for concerts and game days or a small strip mall struggling with garbage disposal and maintenance expenses, a waste audit from our sustainability and recycling consultants will help you manage business expenses and average costs of waste collection while maintaining a safer work environment and protecting our natural resources.

    Implementing indoor and outdoor trash compactors and recycling balers will keep guest areas clean and sanitary and reduce the amount of space needed to store materials waiting for pick-up or recycling. Having the right containers in the right locations can drastically improve the usage rates and reduce cross contamination of recycled materials.

    Our waste management consultants and waste brokers have an established nation-wide network of waste management facilities, waste collection professionals, venue recycling programs, and commercial waste-handling equipment. GTS can help your business manage waste and recycling across multiple locations while complying with rapidly changing compliance standards and local regulations. You can simultaneously enhance your green facility reputation while you reduce costs for commercial waste removal.

    Schedule a Free Consultation with an Industry Professional

    Facility management is a constantly changing industry where client impressions and environmental reputations are constantly in the spotlight. You can schedule a free consultation today with an industry-trained professional from our Global Trash Solutions team. There is no obligation to learn more about improving your commercial facility waste management with GTS, so contact us today to put our experts to work on your facility waste management challenge.