Commercial Compactor and Baler Repair


    Global Trash Solutions provides nationwide baler and compactor repair services for businesses, facilities, and commercial waste equipment across all industries. A compactor breakdown or problem with your auto-tie baler causes waste handling backups and directly impacts sanitation and staff efficiency. GTS has waste equipment experts available 24/7 for professional waste equipment repair you can count on to keep your business running.

    Commercial Compactor Repair Services from GTS

    While most commercial compactor service companies will take 72 hours or more to get to your site, our nationwide network of experienced waste equipment technicians are dispatched immediately and can be on-site making repairs within 24 hours. We service all types of industrial waste compactors, including self-contained, chute-fed, mobile, or stationary compactors.

    Common Ways a Commercial Compactor Breaks Down

    • Commercial compactor not turning on
    • Trash compactor not cycling automatically
    • Garbage compactor jammed or stuck
    • Trash compactor ram not moving
    • Cracked or leaking compactors
    • Compactor chute hopper jammed
    • Control panel failures or compactor service code displayed
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    Baler in a waste sorting plant, Plastic bottle press hydraulic machine Waste sorting equipment machine

    Commercial Recycling Baler Service from GTS

    Our Customer Service Call Center operates 24/7/365, so no one prioritizes your recycling equipment repair faster or more efficiently than we can. When your facility has a baler breakdown, waste materials start to pile up and recyclables can become contaminated.

    Our service technicians don’t just arrive faster; they are specialists in cardboard baler repair and show up with the right tools, parts, and expertise to get your waste and recycling equipment running again. We service all types of balers and compactors, including vertical balers, horizontal balers, and high volume textile or cardboard balers.

    Common Reasons a Baler Needs Service

    • Baler not working but has power
    • Baler stuck or will not eject the bale
    • Vertical or horizontal baler hydraulic piston not working
    • Horizontal or vertical baler doors difficult to open or close
    • Control panel malfunction or baler error code displayed
    • Baler press stays down in vertical baler or will not retract in horizontal baler
    • Baler foot pedal not working
    • Baler leaking oil or hydraulic fluid on baler parts

    How Our Experienced Technicians Diagnose Baler and Compactor Repairs

    Your GTS service technician will diagnose your issues with professional troubleshooting both remotely and on site. We always provide a complete and transparent estimate for your approval and follow through with efficient repairs to your balers and compactors.

    A jammed trash compactor can result from a lack of preventative maintenance. A comprehensive baler service or waste compactor service call will not only identify and repair current issues with your waste management equipment but provide a complete assessment of the health of your equipment, including recommended predictive maintenance to prevent impending failures.

    Waste Compactor and Baler Service for All Makes and Models

    GTS can complete your baler and compactor repairs on major makes and models of self-contained compactors and commercial balers on the market, including:

    • Bramidan
    • Cram A Lot
    • Marathon
    • Ace
    • Wastequip
    • PTR
    • Bace
    • Harmony
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    Preventative Maintenance Plans to Reduce Waste Costs

    You can protect your critical assets and keep your operation running smoothly by implementing a preventative maintenance schedule with GTS. Global Trash Solutions offers affordable periodic preventive inspections for your commercial trash compactor and baling system.

    Our trained service technicians will inspect and schedule repairs for:

    • Baler service and maintenance, including hydraulic components and safety switches
    • Electrical control panel, including relays and switches, error logs, and condition of wires
    • Container condition, including rollers, door hinges, seals, and latches
    • Structure, including ground anchors, wiper blade, and drag plates
    • Hydraulic system oil level, cylinder shaft, and operating pressure
    • Warning lights, key system, and emergency stop functions

    Partner with GTS for Waste Management Service and Repair

    Whether you need emergency baler service or regular maintenance for your trash compaction equipment, Global Trash Solutions has the experience and nationwide network trusted by retail chains, food franchises, and manufacturing giants. Contact us today to schedule service, speak to a waste management consultant, or find out how GTS can streamline your waste management budget with industry-specific solutions.

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