Commercial Compactor and Baler Repair


Your business suffers when your compactor is down. Trash piles up, waste costs increase, and staff efficiency takes a nose dive. Trust us to get your compactor up and running again—fast.

Global Trash Solutions is the industry leader in waste equipment repair. We service every make and model, and our pros have the expertise to get your system up and running quickly and affordably. We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we operate nationwide.

It’s why Global Trash Solutions is one of the most trusted compactor repair service companies in the nation.

Common Trash Compactor Issues

Trash compactors are durable, but even with regular maintenance, problems can happen. The most common issues our clients report to us include:Trash compactor won’t turn on

  • Trash compactor won’t compact garbage
  • Trash compactor’s door or drawer will not open or close
  • Trash compactor won’t compact garbage
  • The trash compactor smells bad (an odor system can help)

Why Choose Global Trash Solutions?

While most repair companies will take 72 hours or more to get to your site, our nationwide network of experienced service technicians are dispatched immediately and can be on-site making repairs within 24 hours.

Our Call Center operates 24/7/365, so no one prioritizes your problem faster or more efficiently than we can. And, our technicians don’t just arrive faster, they are specialists in compactor repair and show up with the right tools, parts, and expertise to get your waste operation running smoothly again, pronto!

two large garbage compactors standing on a hospital site



Preventative Maintenance Services

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true with heavy-duty equipment that gets put to the test every day, like commercial trash compacters and balers.

The last thing you want is your compactor failing during a busy weekend or holiday. Regular maintenance can help prevent a major headache. Global Trash Solutions offers affordable periodic preventive inspections for your commercial trash compactor and baling system.

During our comprehensive maintenance inspection, we’ll check your compactor’s:

  • Electrical control panel, including relays and switches, and condition of wires.
  • Container condition, including rollers, door hinges, seals, and latches
  • Structure, including ground anchors, wiper blade, and drag plate
  • Safety and limit switches
  • Hydraulic system, including condition of hoses and fittings, oil level, cylinder shaft, and operating pressure
  • Warning lights, key system, and emergency stop
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