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    IntellaWaste is everything you need in a waste broker and consultant right at your fingertips—without the extra cost.

    IntellaWaste was designed by waste management experts who understand the industry.

    Whether you own a small grocery store chain or you’re a waste broker with thousands of clients, our intuitively designed software does the work of the best waste consultant or broker money can buy—at a fraction of the cost.

    The future of waste management is here.

    IntellaWaste is your complete waste management software solution. Audit invoices, create RFPs, and more right from your computer—or wherever you are with the IntellaWaste app.

    IntellaWaste helps you easily discover whether you’re being overbilled (or underbilled) by your waste hauler for every site you manage. If you discover you’re being overcharged, the software will alert the hauler or customer.

    IntellaWaste pulls and scrapes invoice data from hauler websites at the end of each night, or on a set schedule. Parsed data is not only easier to view, it makes it easier to run reports. IntellaWaste helps you ditch the spreadsheets. It’s a smarter way to manage invoices.

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    IntellaWaste’s RFP generator is ideal for brokers and consultants who have a big client base. Our RFP creator lets you see who’s in an expired contract so you can create and send RFPs to haulers. The RFP process is entirely online, so stored in a centralized section and kept for your records.

    Our waste broker software automatically invoices customers based on their contract terms. The software also scans parsed information from invoices to see if there are any ancillary fees (extra pickups, container deliveries, extra yardage charges, etc.) and includes them on the bill. Users also have the option of importing invoices into QuickBooks and other accounting software programs.

    IntellaWaste gives you unrivaled access to vital data about your business or client accounts. How much did you spend last year on hazardous waste disposal? Recycling? How much did you spend with each vendor? The information you glean from reports will help you cut costs and operate more efficiently.

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    Why Use IntellaWaste?

    Whether you’re a business owner who generates waste as part of your operations or a waste service provider that manages contracts for dozens or even thousands of clients, IntellaWaste helps you do it in-house. It’s your end-to-end solution for waste management.

    With IntellaWaste you can:

    • Easily manage any number of locations.
    • Manage contracts anywhere you are with the IntellaWaste app (set up users, access information about your locations and how much you’re paying for service.
    • Call for support
    • Request extra pickups and report missed pickups
    • Attach photos (for example, to prove a missed pickup occurred)

    Many off-the-shelf waste management programs are developed by programmers who have no waste management experience. IntellaWaste was developed by industry experts.

    We understand the waste management industry inside and out. You benefit from our in-depth industry experience:

    • Sports stadiums and arenas
    • Concert halls
    • Convention centers
    • Shopping malls
    • Theme parks
    • Multiplex movie theaters
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    Hold Your Waste Hauler Accountable

    Hold Your Waste Hauler Accountable

    From overbilling customers to doctoring dump tickets from weigh stations, waste hauler scams are common.

    Holding waste haulers accountable has been nearly impossible for waste brokers and businesses. Until now.

    IntellaWaste’s invoice auditing feature helps you monitor waste hauler charges to ensure you’re being charged correctly

    Our software helps you hold waste haulers accountable. That’s good for your business, and it’s good for your customers.

    The IntellaWaste platform is a game changer for the trash industry.