Sustainability Services and Management Systems


    With rising awareness of the importance of sustainability and the environmental impact of commercial waste management programs, Global Trash Solutions is at the forefront of the industry. Our ongoing commitment to sustainability, green initiatives, and compliance sets us up to be your sustainability services partner. We will work with you on improving and monitoring your environmental impact at one location or across multiple facilities nationwide.

    Our Commitment to Sustainability

    With attention to sustainability and commitment to constantly improving sustainable waste management services for our customers, GTS can help you reduce your environmental footprint and track cost savings and compliance with consolidated analytics and reporting.

    We can help you build a sustainability plan, gain buy-in from your stakeholders, and implement zero-waste, zero-landfill, waste reduction, and other initiatives for minimizing the environmental impact of your business or manufacturing facility. Our technology and software solutions will centralize your reporting and help keep you in compliance with local and federal laws and regulations, ensuring your ESG scores are positively influenced.


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    How GTS Aligns with Your Sustainability Policy

    By providing industry-specific sustainability services, we can analyze your waste streams and help you set meaningful sustainability goals based on existing opportunities, taking into account ESG scores as a benchmark for progress. By creating a customized plan to capture commercial recycling, compost food waste, divert waste materials for reclamation, or implement new waste equipment technology, we partner with major players across all industries to drive sustainable practices..

    We support your unique sustainability goals and provide new ways to analyze and eliminate the waste and recycling issues you face. Once the ideal sustainable waste management and solid waste program is in place, we can negotiate the best contract prices for local waste hauling and pickup services, dumpster rental, and commercial trash compactors or recycling balers.

    Customized Sustainability Services Nationwide

    Your business has the potential to reduce your environmental impact and measure success with accurate reporting and sustainability data collection. Some of the sustainability services we offer include:

    • Use collaborative approaches to accurately identify your opportunities to improve your waste management practices. Partnering with owners and managers, we integrate into your business operation and manage the waste management headaches and environmental reporting to provide measurable success and meaningful outcomes, ultimately reflected in your ESG scores.
    • Analyze waste streams and provide actionable information about the types of waste you produce, as well as ways to eliminate waste, reduce waste, recapture recyclables, and protect natural resources.
    • Explore renewable energy and sustainable waste solutions to reduce your carbon footprint, lower greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide (CO2), reduce food waste, limit air pollution, and lower your energy bills with lean manufacturing and process improvement strategies, resulting in improved ESG scores.
    • Provide accurate and reliable analytics and reporting using software solutions, equipment monitoring and modern environmental management systems (EMS). With accurate business intelligence, you can make informed decisions to improve your waste management systems and human activities to eliminate waste and meet your sustainability goals.
    • Manage contracts and vendors for smoother waste disposal, sustainable events, recycling pickup, and cost-effective sourcing of waste equipment solutions and technologies, supporting your overall sustainability efforts and ESG scores.
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    Reach Your Sustainability Goals with GTS

    We partner with you to create a sustainability roadmap to take your business to the next level and better manage services across multiple locations, while considering ESG scores as a key performance indicator. With a plan tailored to your needs and KPIs, we will help you implement and manage your waste management systems for efficient, green, and sustainable results that work within your budget or may even reduce your waste management costs significantly, all while positively influencing your ESG scores.

    Whether you face supply chain challenges, regulated fluorinated gasses or CO2 emissions, need to compost and reduce food waste, or simply want to save a cleaner and greener world for future generations, GTS has the solutions for your business. Set up a free consultation and start a cleaner and greener industrial revolution as you set a higher standard for sustainability in your industry.

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