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Almost all businesses have cardboard to handle, store, and transport to recycling centers. Cardboard is a heavy-duty corrugated paper product that traps air pockets. This keeps it both light and strong. The downside of its lightweight construction is that cardboard is bulky and inefficient to transport. But there is a solution.

An industry-quality cardboard crusher or cardboard baler can reduce the volume of cardboard waste by up to 90%. This can help save your business money in storage, transport, and handling costs.

What Are the Benefits of a Cardboard Press Machine?

A commercial cardboard crusher offers these benefits for businesses:

bundle of cardboard crushed and packed for recycling

  • Saves space: A cardboard baler reduces the volume of the material by a factor between 5:1 and 10:1, depending on the type of cardboard.
  • Improves efficiency: Using a cardboard baler eliminates the need for staff to break down and stack boxes by hand.
  • Generates more recycling revenue: Using a cardboard crusher can increase revenue from recyclables, since more cardboard (by weight) can be transported and sold per load. It also creates new opportunities to sell to facilities that offer better recycling rates but only accept bales and larger volume deliveries.

What Types of Equipment Are Used to Compact Cardboard?

There are several types of cardboard compactors. They range from models designed for small businesses, like retail stores, to heavy duty models for commercial waste services applications.

Global Trash Solutions offers free, no-hassle consultations with our industry experts who can guide you in choosing between:

  • A commercial-quality cardboard crusher and vertical cardboard baler for smaller scale use
  • An industrial cardboard baler, typically a horizontal baler, which is designed for high volume and continual use
  • An industry-specific piece of equipment designed to handle large or irregular cardboard baling

Featured Product

wide mouth horizontal baler

The Cram-A-Lot wide mouth horizontal cardboard baler is the ideal solution for warehouses, distribution centers, and other businesses that routinely bale large amounts of cardboard and other recyclable materials.

This heavy-duty baler can handle a wide variety of materials, including cardboard, newsprint, office paper, plastics, foam rubber, aluminum, and more.

The GTS HE-60 is a versatile and self-contained cardboard baler machine that can be loaded from the ground, off a dock, or through the wall. At 22.5% wider than our largest 72” horizontal baler opening, the unit can be used with or without a conveyor system and forms bales up to 1,300 lbs.

Leasing Price: $1,425.00/mo. for 60 months

Making Cardboard Recycling Safe and Cost Effective

Purchasing an industrial cardboard press to streamline your commercial recycling needs starts with our expert guidance. The price is well within the reach of both large and small businesses, and with rental, lease-to-own, and direct sales options, your company can begin reaping the cost benefits right away.

We offer 24/7 customer service and waste consulting services nationwide to ensure you get the right equipment the first time and keep your operating expenses predictable. Make the most of your cardboard recycling by reducing it to the smallest possible size. Schedule your free consultation with an industry expert today to find out how this investment can improve your bottom line.