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Industrial companies typically receive large amounts of goods to be used in their daily operations. Raw materials and spare parts commonly arrive on pallets, carefully protected by cardboard and often wrapped in plastic protective materials. These empty packaging materials then need to be collected, sorted, and transported to a recycling center. Some may also be thrown in compactors outside. If you’re looking into setting up a commercial site, make sure you have all the right fixtures and fittings—for example, a roll up door.

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With the help of Global Trash Solutions, industrial companies can reduce waste and recycling costs with an average of 35% reduction.

One problem all industrial companies share is the challenge of waste handling. Paper, plastic, and recyclable materials take up space and need to be managed quickly and efficiently. Waste types and volumes differ according to the type of industry and its size. Efficient waste handling is an important factor in reducing overall costs.

We offer a free consultation and evaluation of your institution’s waste and recycling.

One of our professional waste consultants can perform a thorough analysis of how your waste is handled to determine how much money you can save by upgrading your waste management procedures at your industrial facility. Once our analysis is complete, you will receive a savings report showing all the available options for your business.

By installing a compactor or baler from Global Trash Solutions, employees can dispose of waste and recycling materials instantly and safely. Furthermore, your staff will no longer need to dedicate time to cut and fold empty cardboard boxes or handle bulky plastic shipping materials. Global Trash Solutions’ balers and material handlers are designed to promote swift handling of loose waste, thereby creating a more efficient work environment.

In many industries, the need to manage waste properly goes behind freeing up floor space and improving operational efficiency. Often, there are local and federal recycling regulations that must be followed as well. Failure to adhere to these regulations not only harms the environment but also exposes the business to potentially large fines. A well-functioning waste minimization program can prevent serious issues.

At Global Trash Solutions, our team of solid waste consultants has wide-ranging experience with managing virtually all types of industrial waste products and other materials that accumulate in these types of facilities, including the following:

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Municipal solid waste
  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Wood
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Global Trash Solutions can help you manage and properly dispose of your scrap iron, steel, copper, and aluminum materials so you can comply with any applicable regulations and free up valuable storage space.

Global Trash Solutions provides high-quality waste reduction products and services that you can rely on, regardless of the size of your industrial company. Whether you manage an automotive plant, machinery manufacturer, or a footloose industry, we can help you choose the right solutions that are vital to your success with respect to waste handling and disposal.

Don’t allow mismanaged waste to interfere with your workflows and other mission-critical operations. With Global Trash Solutions in your corner, you have access to highly effective recycling equipment and waste management strategies that will boost your efficiency.

To make an appointment with our waste consultants, simply contact us at your earliest convenience. Global Trash Solutions has the waste cost solutions that your business needs.

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