Save on Professional Industrial Waste Management


    Industrial and manufacturing companies are highly regulated and require their own class of industrial waste recycling solutions and industrial solid waste disposal. Global Trash Solutions provides industrial waste consulting services and strategies to reduce industrial waste and comply with industry-specific local and federal regulations.

    GTS can help your business identify recycling solutions, minimize waste from factories and manufacturing facilities, and negotiate the best rates for hazardous waste disposal. We have the expertise and industry connections you need to streamline business processes and optimize your industrial waste management.

    Streamline Operations and Maximize Your Waste Disposal Resources

    Our experts can negotiate the best rates with certified industrial waste management companies to reduce costs on industrial solid waste hauling. With a thorough understanding and analysis of your manufacturing or industrial processes, GTS can help with recycling equipment and programs that promote environmental compliance, minimize risks, and reduce process residuals.

    One of our industrial waste consultants can perform a thorough analysis of your industrial waste management practices to determine how much money you can save by upgrading and streamlining processes at your industrial facility. By determining the types of industrial waste produced, raw materials used, and identifying opportunities for improvement, we can help you reduce industrial waste and ensure your environmental waste management program complies with federal regulations and local laws.

    Once our analysis is complete, you will receive a savings report showing all the available options that make sense for your business and your bottom line. With the help of Global Trash Solutions, companies can reduce industrial waste management costs an average of 35%. We offer a free consultation and evaluation of your institution’s waste disposal methods, waste collection costs, and recycling processes.

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    How to Reduce Waste in Manufacturing and Improve Compliance

    One problem all industrial companies share is finding effective recycling solutions. Paper, plastic, and recyclable factory waste take up space and need to be managed quickly and efficiently. By installing a compactor or baler from Global Trash Solutions, employees can dispose of industrial waste in the appropriate waste stream immediately, saving time and eliminating repetitive tasks like hauling and emptying loose trash containers.

    Your manufacturing process must include risk management plans to prevent water contamination, heavy metals, and hazardous waste from reaching the environment. The dumping of industrial waste by many companies in the world has led to stronger regulations on industrial waste generation and hazardous waste management. Avoiding fines and penalties is essential to staying profitable at a large scale.

    Industries and Manufacturing Facilities We Serve

    Global Trash Solutions provides high-quality waste reduction products and waste management services that you can rely on, regardless of the size of your industrial facility or the amount of waste it produces. We provide process automation equipment and industrial recycling and waste hauling solutions by negotiating the best contracts with local and national waste management companies for industries like these:

    • Automotive plants
    • Heavy machinery manufacturers
    • Laboratories and medical equipment companies
    • Chemical production facilities
    • Plastics supply and manufacturing
    • Factory production lines
    • Marine and shipbuilding industries
    • Energy and oil refineries and equipment production
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    Types of Waste in Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

    Our team of industrial solid waste consultants has wide-ranging experience with managing virtually all types of industrial waste products and other materials that accumulate in these types of facilities. Common types of industrial waste include:

    • Cardboard, paper, and packaging materials
    • Plastic, wood, and textiles
    • Metal, including scrap iron, steel, copper, and aluminum
    • Industrial wastewater and hazardous liquids
    • Laboratory and medical waste
    • Electronic components or other industry-specific waste
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    Realize the Benefits of Streamlined Industrial Waste Management

    The industrial world is highly competitive and small margins can make a giant difference in your profitability. Reducing staff time dedicated to waste management, improving recycling and reclamation of valuable materials, and implementing cost-effective equipment to promote sustainable business operations can generate a huge return on investment for your company.

    Don’t allow mismanaged waste to interfere with your workflows and other mission-critical operations, or run the risk of fines for industry noncompliance. With Global Trash Solutions in your corner, you have access to highly effective recycling equipment and waste management strategies that will boost your efficiency and improve your green image.

    To make an appointment with our industry experts for a free consultation, contact us today. GTS waste brokers and consultants can provide an industrial waste management plan that complies with industry regulations and is tailored for your specific manufacturing or industrial facility.