Multifamily Dwellings and Residential Apartment Complexes

Efficient Waste Management Solutions for Multifamily Properties


    Whether you own a single apartment building or multifamily sites across a state or the country, efficient waste management is critical. If your commercial properties have never had a waste audit or waste management consulting session, taking these steps now can help you avoid paying fines or simply paying too much for solid waste disposal and trash pickup.

    It’s a challenge for property managers to maintain a waste and recycling program in large apartment complexes with hundreds of tenants. Despite posted rules and waste monitoring equipment, some tenants will inevitably fail to properly dispose of trash or break down cardboard boxes, causing high volumes of waste and overflowing dumpsters. Visible waste around a multifamily property is not only unsightly, it’s also hazardous and can attract rodents and other pests.

    Apartment and Multifamily Owners Need Waste Monitoring and Handling Services

    Whatever waste and recycling challenges you face at your apartment complex, condo building, or remote multifamily units you manage, Global Trash Solutions can help you develop a solid waste management program to get your costs under control and keep tenants happy. We have a proven track record of saving our clients an average of 35% on waste and recycling costs.

    We do it by understanding your waste and recycling needs, analyzing your waste streams to determine where we can improve efficiency and slash costs, and presenting you with a savings report showing all the available waste and recycling options for your business. Then our expert waste brokers work with your property managers and HOAs (Homeowners Associations) to select vendors and contract negotiation to leverage your waste audit data and local markets to save you money on waste management costs.

    As a residential property owner, should you decide to entrust us as your solid waste brokers and consultants, we’ll help you set up a waste management plan that is scalable and practical for the number of apartment complexes and condos you own. Then our top waste brokers will work toward managing your contracts to your financial advantage.

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    Cost-Saving Equipment, Effective Vendor Management, and Analysis of Your Trash Needs

    There’s no bigger advantage than having our expert team of waste management consultants and brokers on your side. We can help with negotiating complex contracts, selecting vendors, and risk management as you implement new waste management processes.

    By partnering with GTS:

    • You and your property managers can access consultants and brokers to help with supplier management and at every phase of your contract management process with reliable vendor information and vendor data to get the best possible rates for your apartment complex, condo complex, or campus housing and student living
    • You can consolidate your waste management programs at multiple locations across town or across the country with our nationwide service partners and long-term vendor relationships. We supply commercial trash compactors with optional chute systems and recycling balers to simplify sorting and find markets for these valuable materials.
    • You will comply with local, regional, and national waste reduction and zero waste initiatives to avoid fines, fees, and damage to your brand reputation. Attract new tenants with a clean and green residential facility and encourage your tenants to participate in recycling programs by making the process of trash removal simple and straightforward.
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    Better Residential Waste Management Can Cost Less

    We’ve spent years analyzing the waste management industry. Our waste expense experts are always looking for ways to save clients money with better vendor management, waste management monitoring, waste stream analysis, and commercial trash compactors and recycling balers. We have the market presence to leverage the industry on behalf of property owners, condo managers, college housing, and HOAs to bargain for the best rates on trash pickup and hauling.

    Contact us today to schedule a free evaluation of your current services and schedule a waste stream audit to identify your primary waste generators and opportunities for waste reduction. Let GTS handle the headaches of the vendor management process and recommend the right equipment to compress your trash problems into a manageable size and budget.