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    Global Trash Solutions is headquartered in Florida, and provides innovative waste solutions nationwide. Our professional Florida waste brokers and consultants provide solid waste reduction and sustainability solutions that meet the needs of our local businesses. GTS can help your business save 35% or more on Florida garbage pickup and recycling services with waste brokering, waste consulting, and commercial trash compactors or balers.

    GTS partners with some of the largest retail chains and franchises across the country. We have some of the top waste brokers in the waste industry, who can negotiate the best prices for garbage service anywhere in the United States. Our professional waste consultants can analyze your waste stream and make recommendations for waste reduction with custom equipment and waste management strategies that boost your green reputation.

    Innovative Waste Solutions in Florida

    GTS waste brokers have a nationwide network of waste management companies to work with in search of the best rates for your solid waste disposal and recycling in Florida or anywhere you do business. As the leading Florida trash compactor supplier, our consultants can recommend the most cost-effective equipment with a customized cost reduction plan for your business, with sales and service in all 50 states.

    Work with us to limit your waste production, comply with local and regional zero waste initiatives, and enjoy dedicated customer service on all our commercial waste management equipment. Boost your bottom line while enhancing your brand image as an eco-friendly participant in your local community.

    We provide:

    Waste solutions in Florida

    • Waste brokering services to negotiate cost savings on your collection services and disposal site fees
    • Waste management consulting and waste audits to reduce the amount of waste your business produces
    • Small business and franchise waste management services
    • Industrial compactors to reduce costs with smaller dumpster sizes or less frequent trash pickups
    • Outdoor leak-proof trash compactors to limit the amount of waste and recycling vehicles visit your property
    • Recycling balers and cardboard balers to make recyclable materials more marketable

    Why Partner with GTS in Florida?

    Global Trash Solutions is a long-time member of the Florida waste management and waste reduction industry. Our waste brokers have the leverage with local trash haulers and recycling buyers to help your business negotiate better prices and cut costs on your waste management service. Our consultants can customize the right services and equipment plan to streamline your operations and meet your long-term sustainability goals. Contact us today to meet the waste management challenges of tomorrow.

    Waste Management Services Outside of Florida

    Looking for a waste management solution outside of Florida? No problem! Global Trash Solutions offers our innovative solutions and services nationwide, for a single facility or multiple locations across the country. Contact us today for more information or to speak with a representative for a free consultation.