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Retail Non-Food Waste Management Solutions

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Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation and evaluation of current spending to businesses that are looking to reduce costs.

Retail non-food businesses concentrate on customers and sales areas. Therefore, an efficient waste handling in the goods reception area is essential to free up space and time for selling.

With the help of Global Trash Solutions, Retail Non-Food businesses can reduce waste and recycling costs by 30% to 70%.

In the retail business, sales space and speed is everything. Goods arrive 2-3 times a week, well protected by cardboard or soft plastic, before being unpacked and moved into the sales area as quickly as possible. Warehouse space is restricted and unpacking often takes place in back rooms or hallways, with varying degrees of internal traffic that does not need to be blocked by waste on the floor. Without efficient waste handling, loose cardboard and plastic quickly gets in the way and slows down internal processes.

We offer a free consultation and evaluation of your waste and recycling.

One of our professional Waste Consultants can perform a thorough check of how your waste is handled to reveal how considerable cost savings can be within reach for your retail businesses. Once our analysis is complete, you will receive a savings report showing all the available options for your business.

By installing a compactor or baler from Global Trash Solutions, employees can dispose of the empty packaging waste instantly and safely, without leaving the premises. Global Trash Solutions’ balers and material handlers are designed to ensure that your retail operation can keep up with waste production around the clock.

Regardless of the size of your operation, cardboard and packaging plastic clutters the stock-room and eats into valuable dumpster space. A GTS compactor or baler will manage your shipping and receiving waste so that you can focus on the task at hand: moving your goods into the shopping area as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Global Trash Solutions provides products and services that are ideal for retail businesses of any size. Whether you own a small retail location, a large DIY market, or home appliance store, we can help you choose the right solution, so you will not only experience better internal logistics, but also increased revenues on recyclable materials.