Retail Non-Food Waste Management Solutions


    In the retail business, sales space and speed are everything. Goods arrive 2-3 times a week, well-protected by cardboard or styrofoam peanuts, before quickly being unpacked and moved into the sales area. One of the waste problems facing retail chains is the loose packaging materials that pile up and slow down internal processes.

    Rapidly changing environmental and governance requirements require small businesses and retail chains alike to optimize their retail waste management to comply with green initiatives and protect both their waste management budget and brand reputation. Retail waste disposal and recycling consultants can help optimize waste management resources and implement the unique waste solutions that make financial sense for your organization.

    Optimizing Waste Management for the Retail Industry

    Whether you’re a boutique retail store on Main Street or a national chain, Global Trash Solutions can help you find comprehensive strategies for solid waste management. Our professional waste reduction consultants routinely help retail non-food businesses reduce their retail waste disposal and recycling costs with an average savings of 35%. We offer a free consultation and evaluation of your current retail waste management systems and help you create a retail waste management plan that is right for your application.

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    Reducing Waste Management Costs for These Retail Businesses

    Global Trash Solutions is an industry leader in waste consultant and waste brokerage services in the United States, with a wide network of resources and clout in the solid waste industry. With our experts on your side, you can eliminate inefficiencies and implement new technologies in a cost-effective and forward-thinking way that is tailored to the needs of your business.

    Some of the retail non-food businesses that benefit from partnering with GTS include:

    • Big-box stores
    • Home improvement stores
    • Boutiques and small-box stores
    • Clothing outlets
    • Department stores
    • Farm and ranch supply stores
    • Drug stores
    • Warehouse outlets
    • Furniture stores
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    We also offer solid waste consulting services and solutions for specialty stores and businesses including e-commerce, electronics, automotive chains, and retail food stores such as grocery stores and convenience stores. Almost any business, large or small, can benefit from expert waste management services and a single point of contact to manage the complexities of retail waste management.



    Quality Balers and Compactors Help You Manage Waste

    Whether you run a small- or large-scale operation, odds are cardboard, bubble wrap, shredded paper, and packaging plastic clutter your stockroom and take up valuable dumpster space. A trash compactor or baler can help you efficiently manage recycling of waste materials and non-food retail waste so that you can focus on what counts: restocking and updating your inventory while keeping the reputation of your public-facing business healthy.

    A quality baler or compactor is an indispensable part of retail waste management. These machines reduce safety hazards and compress packaging materials to save space on-site. And, because bales require less room on trucks, compactors and balers can significantly reduce the number of truckloads required to haul trash and recyclables, which means less expensive waste services for retail stores and chains.

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    We can help you choose the right solid waste management solutions and recycling programs to improve your internal logistics and increase revenues on recyclables. Our waste brokers utilize a nationwide network of haulers to negotiate the best prices for your waste collection services and will help you choose the right equipment investments to streamline your efforts to reduce waste and preserve our natural resources.

    Contact us at 866-572-7679 for comprehensive waste disposal solutions and start saving 35% or more on retail waste management today!