Reduce Expenses on Solid Waste


    Reducing Costs by Reducing Garbage Volume

    Most businesses have waste management costs, which can be defrayed by recycling all possible materials. What is left is everyday commercial trash that must be sent to landfills. Improving garbage management with the use of trash compactors and balers can reduce the unavoidable costs of refuse or rubbish disposal.

    Cost-Saving Strategies for Solid Waste Management

    Reducing volume and weight are the key factors to reducing handling, storage, and pickup costs for commercial trash and garbage. Some of the ways to maximize resources with a garbage compactor include:

    • Reducing volume of waste by 50-90%, resulting in a tightly packed result.
    • Less frequent pickups required due to the reduced volume and efficient storage, resulting in lower transport costs.
    • Freeing up facility space previously used to store un-compacted garbage.
    • Better sanitation due to the densely compacted form which will not spill, spread out, or be exposed to the air.
    • Better use of employee time by eliminating multiple trips to the dumpster with bulky loads of garbage.
    • Improving the environmentally friendly reputation of your business by recycling all possible materials and compacting the rest to reduce your carbon footprint.

    Equipment Used for Industrial or Commercial Garbage Management

    Developing an integrated solid waste management plan will involve adding additional equipment. With the cost savings and recycling recovery possible, this investment offers immediate and substantial returns.

    Every business is unique, and our solid waste consultants have the expertise to help you create the perfect system. These solutions are easy to implement, convenient to use, and available in the right size for your space and application.

    An Industrial Garbage Compactor uses a metal ram to crush waste into tight blocks. For specialized uses, it can be equipped with chutes, hoppers, ground feeders, or other options. Our powerful and innovative waste management and recycling solutions can be rented, leased, or financed, so there is no need to keep working with an antiquated and unsanitary system that wastes valuable resources.




    Reliable Consulting, Advice, and Equipment for Waste Minimization

    We offer free consultations with our experienced team of solid waste management consultants to help you maximize your recycling revenue and reduce your solid waste disposal costs. The added benefits of better sanitation and responsible garbage management will enhance your business reputation and give you peace of mind.

    Global Trash Solutions offers everything you need to save money, protect the environment, and make your business greener and more profitable, so contact us to get started today.

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