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Reduce Expenses on Solid Waste

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We offer a free consultation and evaluation of current spending to businesses that are looking to reduce costs.

Cut Your Waste Hauling Costs by Reducing Garbage Volume

If you are like most businesses, managing your solid waste comes at a considerable cost. You can help offset your waste management costs by strategically sorting and consolidating trash and recycling. The more waste you can keep out of landfills, the better for the environment—and your bottom line.

Manage Solid Waste with an Industrial Compactor

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Reducing volume and weight are key to lowering handling, storage, and pickup costs for commercial solid waste. A commercial garbage compactor can help you do it. Here are some of the benefits of investing in a commercial garbage compactor:

  • Reduces waste volume by 50-90%
  • Frees up facility space used for trash storage
  • Lowers waste hauling costs; compacted trash bales take up less room on transport trucks
  • Improves sanitation; densely compacted trash bales which will not spill or spread out
  • Make better use of employees’ time by reducing trips to the dumpster and time spent breaking down boxes
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Enhances your company’s green reputation

The Experts at GTS Can Help You Develop a Strategic Solid Waste Plan

Developing an integrated solid waste management plan will involve adding additional equipment, like a self-contained commercial garbage compactor. But it is an investment that could pay off in the long run. Your business will operate more efficiently, and you may even be able to offset some or all your waste handling and hauling costs by selling bales of recyclables.

Our solid waste consultants have the expertise and the connections to help you develop a strategic solid waste management plan.

Featured Product

self contained trash compactor

With a huge loading capacity and high-performance operation, our self-contained garbage compactors are ideal for food production operations, waste management facilities, and other businesses that process large amounts of garbage.

Our self-contained commercial garbage compactors (1 yd and 2 yd packing chamber size) are available in a range of sizes, from 10 yards to 38 yards total. With liquid-tight construction, there is no chance of spills or trash escaping. The compactors are easy to operate, and no special training is required. Best of all, they compact trash into tidy blocks that take up less space on waste management trucks, saving your business money on haul-away costs.

There is no need to keep working with an antiquated and unsanitary system that wastes valuable resources. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of renting, leasing, or purchasing our self-contained compactors for sale.

Reliable Consulting, Advice, and Equipment for Waste Minimization

We offer free consultations with our experienced team of solid waste management consultants to help you maximize your recycling revenue and reduce your solid waste disposal costs. The added benefits of better sanitation and responsible garbage management will enhance your business reputation and give you peace of mind.

Global Trash Solutions offers everything you need to save money, protect the environment, and make your business greener and more profitable, so contact us to get started today.