Learn More About Different Waste Types

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You produce waste products every day as part of your operations—it’s an unavoidable part of running a business. How efficiently you manage this waste stream can have a big impact on your bottom line.

The experts at Global Trash Solutions will help you find the best waste management solutions for your business—whether you operate a single facility or hundreds of locations across the country.

We’ll help you find cost-saving strategies for all types of waste, including:


Whatever business you’re in, odds are you generate plenty of cardboard waste. Cardboard is lightweight and durable, but it’s also bulky and inefficient to transport. GTS balers and compactors reduce the volume of cardboard waste by a factor of 5:1 or even 10:1.

Expanded Plastic

Expanded plastics, like packing peanuts and Styrofoam, are a popular lightweight packing material. Since they don’t biodegrade, these materials should be recycled whenever possible. GTS will help you develop a cost-effective disposal or recycling plan for your expanded plastic waste.


Solid waste hauling is a major expense for many businesses. Investing in the right equipment (like a garbage compactor) can free up space in your facility and slash your waste hauling costs.


Metals like aluminum and scrap copper are in high demand and can bring decent returns—up to $2.00 a pound. If your business produces a significant amount of metal waste, investing in a compactor can give you a competitive edge with scrap metal buyers.

Municipal Solids

Municipal solid waste includes everything from furniture to food scraps to medical waste. The experts at GTS will help you formulate a cost-effective strategy for dealing with municipal solids, whether your business has one location or hundreds.


The average business generates tons of paper waste every year. You can cut your waste hauling costs and create additional revenue for your business by selling compacted wastepaper bales to recyclers. GTS will help you find the best solution.


Plastic is a huge source of waste across industries. Most types of plastic are recyclable, yet too much ends up in landfills each year. The waste experts at GTS will help you develop a plastics recycling plan to improve your bottom line and your green image.


GTS helps textile manufacturers, carpet companies, clothing donation centers, and other businesses keep tons of textiles out of landfills each year. Our textile balers are specially designed to create compact bales that are easy to transport and attractive to buyers.


More than 11 million tons of wood waste ends up in landfills in the U.S. each year, yet wood wastes have many uses, from paper pulp to animal bedding. GTS can determine the best wood waste management solution for your business based on the laws of your municipality.

Start turning a business cost into a revenue stream. GTS has vendor partners all over the U.S. who offer free pick-up and rebates for baled cardboard, plastics, and other in-demand materials. Contact us to learn more.