Compliant Medical Waste Management Solutions


    Healthcare facilities, hospitals, dental offices, and veterinary clinics all produce biohazardous medical waste which requires ethical, compliant, and cost-effective medical waste disposal.  Managing medical waste includes ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local requirements to protect public health and the environment.

    Partnering with GTS consultants and waste brokers allows medical facilities to reduce costs on medical waste disposal with affordable rates, waste stream analysis, and better diversion of biohazards and hazardous waste from other solid waste and recycling.

    What Is in Your Medical Waste Stream?

    Working with waste management consultants with years of experience in the industry and a nationwide network of medical waste management companies puts your facility in the best position to improve your current waste handling procedures. GTS can help to negotiate contracts, change standard procedures, and implement new equipment to drastically reduce the volume of solid and liquid waste your hospital, clinic, or healthcare facility produces.

    Regulated medical waste contains blood, body fluids, sharps, and other hazardous waste that poses a threat to human health or the environment. Proper biohazard disposal is critical.

    Cleaner checking the disposal of hazardous waste in the clinic

    Medical Waste Compliance Management

    The EPA recognizes 4 categories of waste which require different disposal procedures:

    • General Waste: General commercial waste, including paper and plastic packaging, glass, wood, and other commonly used materials can be disposed of like any other municipal solid waste.
    • Infectious Waste: This includes blood, blood vessels, body parts, dressings, bandages, scalpels, sharps, and needles. Anything contaminated with fluids from the human body or an infectious agent, including liquid biohazardous waste, must be disposed of in an appropriate container or red bag marked with a biohazard symbol.
    • Hazardous Waste: This type of waste includes needles and syringes that are not in contact with biological materials and are not infectious. Broken glass and pharmaceutical waste are considered hazardous, as are some types of chemicals used in surgical centers and physician’s practices.
    • Radioactive Waste: Waste generated from cancer treatments, chemotherapy, and medical equipment that uses nuclear elements. Proper waste disposal requires strict compliance services and recordkeeping in case of a medical waste management
    Hazardous Waste Container



    GTS Can Manage Your Medical Waste Services

    Global Trash Solutions will help you navigate this maze of rules and regulations and secure you the best waste service contract terms. And we’ll monitor your account(s) to ensure your medical waste service is meeting all regulatory requirements for biohazard waste treatment and disposal.

    Whether you need to manage pathological waste from a single laboratory, sharps waste from blood centers in a single city, or biohazardous waste disposal across multiple locations nationwide, we have the resources and expertise to help you efficiently manage your facilities. GTS can even maximize your waste management dollars with waste containers and reduction equipment including commercial trash compactors and recycling balers to minimize your waste management costs and environmental impact.

    Schedule a free consultation and find out how much your medical or healthcare business can save, while avoiding the headaches of navigating this complex industry on your own. Avoid costly fees for noncompliance and consolidate your waste management strategy across multiple locations with scalable solutions from GTS.

    Our expert medical waste brokers and consultants have the industry knowledge and relationships to help you secure the most comprehensive contract at the best rates. Our mission is to find biomedical waste disposal strategies that work for your organization. Contact us today at 866-760-8194 for tailored waste management solutions, national accounts, waste reduction initiatives, or just to find out what is possible with Global Trash Solutions.

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