Waste Management Solutions for Retail Food Stores


    Food Waste


    Retail food stores, grocery stores, and supermarkets face unique challenges in waste management. The way your business disposes of waste can have a big impact on how much you pay for waste and recycling services, as well as affecting your brand reputation and your impact on the environment. Customers are highly concerned with reducing food waste at home, greenhouse gas footprints, and how their market rotates and stores food safely.

    Supplies arrive daily at most food retailers, mostly packed in cardboard and soft plastic. Dealing with the constant stream of solid waste and recycling is the first challenge for supermarkets and small stores. Once the shipments are unpacked, managing food waste is essential to profitability, customer satisfaction, and compliance with local food waste reduction and sustainability programs.

    Whether you own a convenience store, a grocery store chain, or a national foodservice network, Global Trash Solutions can help you meet your sustainability goals, reduce food waste, implement composting and food waste recycling processes, and reduce your costs for solid waste disposal by 35% or more.

    Grocery Store Waste Management Solutions

    Efficient grocery waste handling in the goods reception area frees up precious space and saves time for employees. With the right retail food waste management strategies, we can help you:

    • Boost recycling rates for all types of waste and save money with better pricing from your waste management partners and vendors
    • Reduce food loss and waste by recycling food scraps and donating items still fit for human consumption to food banks
    • Negotiate contracts and right-size your containers and pickup schedules for the most cost-effective waste disposal services with a budget savvy waste management approach
    • Improve your “green” brand image in the retail food industry for a local store or a nationwide chain, while staying aligned to federal policies designed to manage food waste and protect the supply chain
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    Waste Management Services for Retail Food and Grocery Stores

    1. Streamline your grocery operation by letting GTS manage your vendor contracts for solid waste and grocery store trash pickup. We have equipment options like trash compactors and recycling balers to compress general store waste by a factor of 5-10 times, which eliminates overflowing containers and unsanitary conditions.
    2. Retail food waste reduction measures will keep product freshness high while donating, composting, or recycling your retail food waste to alleviate food insecurity and protect our natural resources. GTS has the connections, equipment, and effective waste and recycling solutions for your current needs and future scalability.
    3. Gain a full understanding of the waste liabilities and existing issues in your waste stream management with a comprehensive waste audit, which will give you valuable insight into what kinds of waste your stores generate and the amount of food currently being lost to spoilage.
    4. Implement grocery waste solutions with GTS as your grocery industry waste partner and waste brokerage service. We manage the process from beginning to end with consultants and brokers who have the connections and the expertise to recommend greener, more cost-effective improvements.
    5. With accurate data monitoring and recordkeeping for one location or a chain of grocery stores, we help your business stay in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. We can help protect your business from fees or fines from the Department of Agriculture or other federal agencies charged with reducing food waste in the United States.
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    Partner With Industry Experts Today

    Our experienced waste brokers and sustainability consultants work with you to develop a waste management plan that improves waste stream efficiency, simplifies supply-chain management, and identifies new solutions for green waste recycling and food waste management. Whether you own a small market, a string of local grocery stores, or hypermarkets across the country, we can help you choose the right waste management solution. Schedule a free evaluation today.

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