Industrial Trash Compactors

Global Trash Solutions offers a selection of competitively priced garbage compactors for sale.

Trash compactors are similar to balers, but while balers are used to manage recyclable materials like cardboard, plastic shrink wrap, aluminum, and plastic bottles, commercial trash compactors are typically used to compact non-recyclable trash like food waste.

Garbage is loaded into the input chamber and compressed via a hydraulic or pneumatic press. This dramatically reduces the volume of the garbage, making it easier to manage and less expensive to transport.

Commercial Compactors for Every Need

There are industrial compactors for every application. Options include self-contained compactors, designed to completely contain wet waste to prevent contamination of work areas and public spaces.

Vertical compactors are loadable from the ground, off a dock, or through a wall, making them ideal for industrial facilities. Freestanding trash compactors come in a variety of sizes and are portable, so they can easily be moved as needed.

Compactors not only manage soft waste, but they can also be used for hard plastics and metals. This makes them ideal for factories, manufacturing facilities, medical centers, schools, universities, and hotels. Self-contained garbage compactors are a good choice for restaurants, since they’re designed to prevent odors and leaks and deter rodents and other pests.

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