Cram-A-Lot Stationary Trash Compactor

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Commercial size compactors are designed for moderate-duty service. They are perfect for retail stores, light industrial plants, grocery stores, hospitals and similar organizations.

Commercial size compactors offer integral power units to the compactor chassis for security yet are easily accessible for maintenance and repairs.

Leasing Price: $250/mo for 60 months. Apply for financing.


Lead Time: 6-8 weeks


Why Invest in a Stationary Compactor?

Waste management can quickly become an operational and cost burden, especially for growing businesses. Heavy-duty trash compactors effectively reduce solid waste material to a fraction of its original size. Compactors make waste more manageable for storage and transport. Investing in a freestanding trash compactor can:

  • Cut operational costs: Compacted trash takes up less room on trash trucks, which can reduce hauling costs. Using a compactor also means you need fewer staff members to manage trash—the compactor does most of the work for you.
  • Improve efficiency: By reducing volume, compactors help reduce garbage pileup and overflow problems. They also eliminate the manpower required to break down boxes and other trash and empty bins.
  • Improve sanitation and safety: Inappropriate or inefficient waste disposal can lead to rodent and insect infestations. It can also create slip and fall hazards, which can endanger workers and the public. A compactor can help you meet safety regulations and avoid the pitfalls of open dumpsters, including unlawful rummaging.
  • Protect the environment: Compacted trash is less likely to become airborne and end up in streets and waterways. It’s also more likely to be recycled (if you’re dealing with a single waste product, like plastics).

GTS offers financing options for industrial waste compactors. Please call us today to learn more about our top-of-line stationary compactors for sale. We’ll guide you through the entire process and set you up with a trustworthy vendor offering the best rates for waste hauling.


  • ANSI Z245.2 Compliant – All compactors meet or exceed ANSI Z245.2 safety standards
  • UL/CUL listed Control Panels
  • UHMW Ram Guides – Adjustable to ensure straight tracking are readily replaceable, should the need arise
  • Oil Sight Gauge shows oil level at a glance
  • Heavy-Duty Controls – NEMA 4 rated pushbutton controls with key lockable start switch
  • Automatic Single Cycle Operation

Commercial Size 2-4 Yard Compactors:

Our 4-yard compactor is designed for heavy commercial, industrial, and mini-transfer stations; the unit is engineered to handle above-average quantities of refuse when a transfer station is not applicable.

Large Industrial 5-15 Yard Compactors:

Large industrial compactors are designed for heavy-duty service. They are ideal for manufacturing facilities, heavy industrial plants, transfer stations, and similar applications.

Apply for financing for equipment from Global Trash Solutions.

Additional information

  • Additional Keys
  • Complete UL Listing
  • Container Hooks
  • Full remote control 15'
  • Hauler Safety Switch
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Internal Power Unit
  • Oil Sight Gauge
  • Spin on Oil Filter
  • TEFC Electric Motor
  • Turnbuckles
  • Universal Understructure

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