Reduce Storage & Logistic Waste Costs


    In warehouses and storage facilities, waste and recycling materials can accumulate from the many different shipments received. It is not uncommon for items to be repacked into smaller units before leaving the storage or distribution facility again. The resulting empty cardboard boxes and plastic shipping material waste can accumulate quickly and requires space to be stored before it can be properly disposed of. In many facilities this involves collecting the waste and carrying it outside to large dumpsters, which are collected according to a regular schedule. Although this procedure does move the waste away from the floor, it also takes time from more important tasks.

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    With the help of Global Trash Solutions, storage and logistic facilities can reduce waste and recycling costs with an average of 35% reduction.

    We offer a free consultation and evaluation of your storage and logistics facility’s waste and recycling.

    By treating waste management as an integrated part of the overall workflow throughout the warehouse or storage facility, it is possible to optimize internal waste and recycling processes to create a positive effect on your bottom line.

    One of our experienced professional waste consultants will perform a thorough analysis of your current recycling and waste management procedures. Once the waste audit is completed, they will calculate how much money you can save by complying with our strategies for solid waste management at your storage or warehouse facility. You will receive a savings report that reveals all the available waste cost solutions for your business.

    By installing a baler or compactor from Global Trash Solutions, our customers gain a fast and efficient way of managing their waste. The balers and compactors from Global Trash Solutions are designed to enable swift handling of loose waste and greater operational efficiency in the work environment.

    Common Trash Compactor Issues

    Trash compactors are durable, but even with regular maintenance, problems can happen. The most common issues our clients report to us include:Trash compactor won’t turn on

    • Trash compactor won’t compact garbage
    • Trash compactor’s door or drawer will not open or close
    • Trash compactor won’t compact garbage
    • The trash compactor smells bad (an odor system can help)

    Why Choose Global Trash Solutions?

    While most repair companies will take 72 hours or more to get to your site, our nationwide network of experienced service technicians are dispatched immediately and can be on-site making repairs within 24 hours.

    Our Call Center operates 24/7/365, so no one prioritizes your problem faster or more efficiently than we can. And, our technicians don’t just arrive faster, they are specialists in compactor repair and show up with the right tools, parts, and expertise to get your waste operation running smoothly again, pronto!

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    How our waste reduction consultants can benefit your facility

    As a manager of a warehouse or related type of facility, you can gain a number of other key advantages from our waste management strategies:

    • Regulatory compliance – Depending on the nature of the materials you handle, failure to manage waste properly can violate local or federal regulations, which in turn could mean heavy fines. A strong waste minimization program can save you a lot of trouble.
    • More floor space – Mismanaged waste tends to take up valuable room that could be used for more productive purposes. Our solid waste consultants can show you how to prevent this common problem.
    • Increased workplace safety – Excess waste can also pose a health risk to employees in the facility, especially if these materials are piled up in a haphazard manner. Getting rid of this waste in a timely manner can remove one cause of workplace injury.

    Global Trash Solutions provides products and services that are powerfully effective, regardless of the size of your warehouse or storage facility. Whether you run a small warehouse or a major distribution facility, we can help you choose the right solutions that are crucial to your success with respect to waste handling and disposal. We understand that storage facilities are not all alike, so we’re always careful to tailor our solutions to your unique needs. And if you’re looking for lighting solutions for your warehouse, take a look at LED Warehouse lighting from FSC.

    Please contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about how our recycling and waste management strategies and equipment can help you boost the operational efficiency of your facility, among other benefits.

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