Reduce Storage & Logistic Waste Costs


    Warehouse Waste Management Programs Reduce Storage & Logistic Waste Costs

    In warehouses and storage facilities, waste and recycling materials can accumulate from the many huge shipments received. It is not uncommon for items to be repacked into smaller units before leaving the storage or distribution facility again. The resulting bulky cardboard boxes and plastic packaging material waste can accumulate quickly and require space to be stored before being sent to waste disposal facilities.

    In many facilities the standard operating processes involve collecting the packaging waste and carrying it outside to large dumpsters, to be hauled away by waste collection companies. Although this procedure does move solid waste away from the floor, it also takes team member time from more important tasks. Many companies are looking for warehouse and logistics waste management solutions that will reduce costs and improve efficiency in waste management logistics.

    How Warehouse Waste Management Programs Increase Profits

    With the help of Global Trash Solutions, you can reduce your warehouse or logistics waste management costs by 35% or more. Our industry-leading waste management consultants offer a free consultation and evaluation of your current processes and help develop a plan to reduce warehouse waste costs.

    As your professional waste brokers and waste management consultants, GTS will:

    • Analyze your current waste management services and procedures.
    • Perform a waste stream audit to identify more efficient solutions and minimize costs.
    • Recommend waste management equipment like recycling balers or compaction units to streamline workflows throughout the facility.
    • Identify ways to practice waste reduction and waste disposal efficiency to lower waste costs.
    • Negotiate fair pricing on waste hauling, recycling pickup, and dumpsters for storage facilities.
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    Waste Reduction Lowers Waste Costs

    As a manager of a warehouse and logistics center or related type of facility, you can gain a number of other key advantages from warehouse waste management programs that reduce the generation of waste:

    • More floor space – Shipping, packaging, and inventory waste takes up valuable room that could be used for more productive purposes. There is an opportunity cost when floor space is used for waste storage rather than offsetting the cost of carrying inventory.
    • Increased workplace safety – Storing excess waste in the work environment can also pose a health risk to employees in the facility, especially if these materials are piled up in a haphazard manner. Compaction units and baled recyclables minimize waste, keeping floors clear and reducing the risk of workplace injuries.
    • Regulatory compliance – Depending on the nature of the materials you handle, failure to manage hazardous waste properly can violate local or federal regulations, which in turn could mean heavy fines. GTS can help you with required composting of materials and diverting plastic products and recyclables to meet your regulatory responsibilities.
    • Growing a green reputation – Sustainability and waste reduction initiatives are important to customer relationships and your warehouse and logistics business reputation. Having a green reputation and action plans to protect natural resources can help you increase sales as well as reduce the cost of waste handling.
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    Why Choose Global Trash Solutions

    Why Choose Global Trash Solutions?

    One of our experienced professional waste consultants will perform a thorough analysis of your current recycling and waste management procedures. Once the waste audit is completed, they will calculate how much money you can save by complying with our strategies for solid waste management at your storage or warehouse facility. You will receive a savings report that explains the warehouse and logistics waste management solutions we recommend for your business.

    Global Trash Solutions has helped nationwide franchises, lean manufacturing facilities, and small businesses increase efficiency and reduce the costs of waste collection and commercial waste management. Our industry-trained waste brokers can consolidate waste management services across locations and negotiate fair pricing for waste hauling while maintaining regulatory compliance in each locality where you operate.

    From Consultation to Onsite Equipment Service

    While most trash compactor and recycling baler repair companies will take 72 hours or more to get to your site, our nationwide network of experienced service technicians are dispatched immediately and can be on site making repairs to your equipment within 24 hours.

    Our Call Center operates 24/7/365, so no one prioritizes your problem faster or more efficiently than GTS. Our technicians don’t just arrive faster. They are specialists in compactor and baler repair who show up with the right tools, parts, and expertise to get the job done. We understand that when waste management is built into your warehouse and logistics workflow, you need your equipment operational.

    Global Trash Solutions provides waste management products and services that are powerfully effective, regardless of the size of your warehouse or storage facility. We can help you reduce costs and improve profit margins by recommending the right handling and waste collection solutions for your business.

    From Consultation to Onsite Equipment Service

    Contact Us for a Free Consultation

    We understand that storage facilities are not all alike, so we’re always careful to tailor our solutions to your unique needs. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation with a GTS waste consultant to learn more about how our recycling and waste management strategies and equipment can help you boost your bottom line.