Commercial Waste Management FAQs from GTS


What is a waste consultant?

Our waste consultants are experts in the industry and can can help your business identify opportunities to improve your waste management processes, collect clean recycled materials, and implement waste reduction initiatives. With Global Trash Solutions, there is no upfront fee for waste consulting initial evaluations and cost-savings reports.

What is a waste broker?

Our professional waste brokers are experts on analyzing waste invoices and service contracts, then negotiating on your behalf for better rates on waste removal and garbage collection. GTS waste brokers can help you improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your waste management contracts.

What is the best waste management option for me?

Every business is unique, and GTS can help you identify the best waste management solutions that fit your needs and budget while aligning with your sustainability goals and local zero-waste initiatives. The perfect balance of equipment and services will be the most cost-effective for your commercial facility, restaurant chain, or specialty niche application.

How do waste consulting and waste brokering services save my business money?

We help our customers save money on their waste management budgets by analyzing the waste you produce and rightsizing your services and pick-up frequency. By using proprietary math we can calculate your landfill or transfer station charges, fair profit margins for service providers, and negotiation with waste hauling companies to get you the best rates.

How much can I save on my waste disposal costs?

With a comprehensive waste audit, analysis of your waste contracts, and recommended trash compaction equipment, GTS customers typically see a 35-50% reduction on solid waste and recycling costs each month.

How much time and effort will it take to work with a waste consultant or broker?

Your waste consultant will do all the work, and your time investment is small. All we need to get started is some information about your location and your approval. Your GTS waste consultant will provide you with a report outlining potential cost-savings and recommendations for you to review.

How long will it be before I start saving money on waste management?

On average, Global Trash Solutions consulting services find savings within four weeks of client enrollment. This means that you could start saving on your recycling and waste costs as early as your next garbage pickup or hauler bill.

What does your waste audit process look like?

A comprehensive waste stream audit from GTS will help your staff to separate and weigh all the types of waste you produce on a given day or week. Recycling and waste handling processes will be evaluated. When the audit and analysis is complete, we will provide you with the detailed information and recommendations you need to take advantage of cost-savings opportunities and process improvements.

Can Global Trash Solutions help reduce manual handling of waste and recycling?

Yes, your waste consultant can analyze your waste streams and recommend commercial trash compactors and recycling balers to drastically reduce the volume of waste and recycling produced. Global Trash Solutions sells industrial trash compactors, chute systems and cardboard balers, and provides compactor repair, baler repair and 24/7 customer service.

Are you going to cut back on my pick-ups?

Not necessarily. The decision of whether to reduce service is always up to you. Your GTS waste broker will help you lower rates by negotiating better prices for garbage pick-up and make sure your pick-up schedule is the right fit for your needs. However, your waste hauler is in the business of making money and may schedule more frequent dumpster collection and recycling services rather than advise you to change waste container sizes or consider using a trash compactor. Your GTS waste broker is always on your side.

Will I have to change my waste provider and recycling hauler?

By analyzing your hauler contracts and existing waste equipment, waste brokering can almost certainly save you money with your existing service providers. We also work with a network of waste management service providers across the country and will make you aware of the cost advantages of switching to other locally available options.

What if I already have a signed contract with a waste hauler?

Most of our new customers will have existing waste management contracts. Our consultants and waste brokers will analyze those contracts and let you know what your options are. It is very likely that your existing haulers will be willing to lower rates, and it is very common that your contracts are auto-renewing based on fine print in the original. Let GTS take care of these headaches and help you renegotiate contracts which benefit your bottom line.

My waste hauling is handled by the city. Can GTS help me?

Yes. Areas where there is only one approved waste hauler are referred to as franchised markets. These markets still offer many opportunities for reducing your costs. We will begin by looking through the franchise agreements between the city and the hauler contract to ensure that both parties are operating within the confines of that agreement.

There may be specific rebate options for recycling programs and environmental sustainability available under the franchise agreement. Using our proprietary waste flow algorithms, we can determine if the city is overcharging you for services you don’t need. While a franchised area does mean you need to use the contracted hauler, it does not mean you cannot drastically improve your process and reduce your waste expenditures.

Can I contact local references from satisfied clients?

Absolutely. We have a vast network of satisfied clients across many industries that are happy to discuss how Global Trash Solutions has helped them save money with waste consultancy, waste brokering, dumpster rentals, recycling balers, and commercial trash compactors to reduce the volume of waste produced.

If I hire a waste consultant, how will I know what’s happening with my waste?

Global Trash Solutions customer service department is your single point of contact for all your trash-related issues—simply call us at 866-211-9364 anytime, day or night, and a GTS representative will be standing by.


How much does a recycling baler cost?

Commercial-grade industrial recycling balers from GTS will cost between $6,800 and $15,000, depending on size and application. These balers work with cardboard, plastic, metals, and textiles. Leasing and financing options are available.

How much does a commercial trash compactor cost?

Industrial trash compactors will cost between $15,000 and $30,000 base price. Chute systems and options can customize and outfit these to your specific needs and space requirements. You can start saving money on trash pick-ups by leasing or renting a trash compactor from GTS and let it pay for itself, or learn more about financing options.

How can I purchase Global Trash Solutions’ compactors and balers?

The Global Trash Solutions sales staff is uniquely trained to identify the exact equipment for your application, regardless of the size of your operation or the types of waste you produce, including hazardous, medical, or industrial waste. To find out whether waste compaction is right for you, call the GTS sales department at 866-211-9364 and ask to speak with a compactor representative.

Do you repair other compactors and balers besides your own?

We do! Global Trash Solutions has an extensive network of service representatives throughout the United States and Canada ready to assist you. Emergency baler or compactor repair is just a phone call away. Contact our service and repair department for a GTS-certified compactor technician to be dispatched to your location where they will diagnose and repair your waste management equipment.

When I need a service technician for a compactor repair request, what is the typical response time?

When waste materials are piling up it can bring your entire process to a grinding halt. Global Trash Solutions knows this. That is why we strive to maintain the highest response-time in the industry. You can expect to have a technician on site within 24 hours of your call.

Have a question not covered by our FAQ? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!