How can your waste consulting and brokering services save my business money?

There are many ways that we save our customers money. We use proprietary math to tell us exactly how much your trash weighs based on your organization’s sales volume. We use this information to calculate the charges for disposal at your local landfill, and then negotiate a fair profit margin for your hauler. In areas where we already have clients, we have established market rates for the locations we manage and have a relationship with most of the carting companies; it is just a matter of getting your rates down to what our current clients are already paying.

How much will I save on my waste costs?

Global Trash Solution customers typically realize a 35 to 50 percent reduction in their monthly waste and recycling expenses.

How much time will I need to work with you throughout the process?

Global Trash Solutions does all the work. Your time investment is minimal. We will report our findings back to you for your review, but we work at your convenience to reduce your costs.

What will you need from my business in order to begin analyzing our waste consumption?

To start the process of saving you money on your waste and recycling expenses, all Global Trash Solutions needs is your location’s information and your approval.

How long does the average waste audit process take?

On average, Global Trash Solutions finds savings within four weeks of client enrollment. This means that you could start saving on your waste and recycling expenses as early as your next hauler bill.

Can Global Trash Solutions help reduce the amount of manual processing of my waste?

Yes. Aside from negotiating your waste and recycling costs, Global Trash Solutions manufactures and distributes all manner of waste compaction equipment to help reduce your trash volume.

Are you going to cut back on my pick-ups?

Not necessarily. If we notice that you are grossly over-serviced, we may recommend that you reduce pick-ups, but we always leave the decision of whether to reduce service up to you. We primarily save money for our clients through cost negotiation and recycling initiatives, not from reducing service.

Will I have to change my waste and recycling haulers if I enroll in your service?

No. Our experienced staff will investigate all the options in your area. Most often we can reduce your costs while continuing to use your current haulers. If we remain with your current hauler, we will negotiate your rate to match our group rates available to our network of clients. The final choice will always be yours as to whether we remain with your current hauler or switch to one of the other available options in your area.

My waste hauling is handled by the city. Can you help me?

Yes. Areas where there is only one waste hauler are referred to as franchised markets. Franchised markets offer a multitude of options for savings. Our staff will begin by looking through the franchise agreements between the city and the hauler to ensure that both parties are within the confines of that agreement. Global Trash Solutions’ research staff can also determine if there are specific rebate options for recycling in the area that are specified in the franchise agreement. Our staff will check into billing from the city to verify that all services invoiced were rendered properly. Using some of our waste flow algorithms, we can determine if the city is overcharging you for services you don’t need. While a franchised area does mean you need to use the contracted hauler, it does not mean that you need to overpay.

Do you have any local references I can contact?

Yes. We have a vast network of satisfied clients that are happy to discuss how Global Trash Solutions has helped them save money on their waste and recycling services.

Once I hire Global Trash Solutions, how will I know what’s happening with my waste?

Global Trash Solutions customer service department is your single point of contact for all your trash related issues—simply call us at 866-211-9364 anytime, day or night, and a GTS representative will be standing by.


How can I purchase Global Trash Solutions’ compactors and balers?

The Global Trash Solutions sales staff is uniquely trained to identify the exact equipment for your application, regardless of the size of your operation. To find out whether waste compaction is right for you, call the GTS sales department at 866-211-9364 and ask to speak with a compactor representative.

Do you repair other compactors and balers besides your own?

Yes. Global Trash Solutions has an extensive network of service representatives throughout the United States and Canada. We can service any commercial trash compaction equipment anywhere, anytime, and under any circumstances. Simply call 866-211-9364 and our service and repair department will dispatch a GTS certified compactor technician to your location to diagnose and repair your machine.

When I need a service technician to visit our location for a compactor repair request, what is the typical turnaround time?

When equipment breaks down it can bring your entire process to a grinding halt. Global Trash Solutions knows this. That is why we strive to maintain the highest response-time standards in the industry. Our goal is to have a technician on site within 24 hours of your call

Have a question not covered by our FAQ? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!