Waste Brokering Services


    Global Trash Solutions can help you slash your waste and recycling costs. With an average national savings of 35%, the results don’t lie.

    What Is a Waste Broker?

    Waste management brokers work on behalf of a business. They use their knowledge and industry connections to bargain the best prices for waste hauling and recycling.

    This is precisely what we do at Global Trash Solutions. Our expert waste brokers analyze your business’ trash hauling and recycling needs and work to get you the best deal possible.

    Our solid waste brokers will help secure a comprehensive contract to help you manage your business’ solid waste, including cardboard, expanded plastic, metal, municipal solids, paper, plastic, textiles, and wood.


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    Benefits of Using a Waste Management Broker

    • Better rates. We stay on top of what’s happening in the industry, so you can feel confident you are always paying the lowest market rates while receiving the best service available.
    • Single point of contact. Global Trash Solutions acts as your business’ single point of contact throughout the entire process, from waste pick-up to disposal and billing. This frees up more of your time to focus on what matters—running your business.
    • Flexibility. Global Trash Solutions has the resources to handle the waste management requirements of any commercial, retail, or industrial client, regardless of project size. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation with locations across the country, we manage all aspects of your waste and recycling needs. Global Trash Solutions representatives are available 24/7 to solve problems as they arise.

    Industries we serve include:

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    Saving on Dumpster Rental

    Commercial dumpster rental can be a fixed or variable cost, and a waste broker can help your business save money on recurring dumpster rental fees. Residential dumpsters with scheduled pickup are a standard for many facilities, but there may be other alternatives to reduce dumpster rental costs.

    Temporary commercial dumpster rental can handle overflow and prevent additional fees during a seasonal rush, while recurring dumpster rental should support your expected volume based on a waste stream audit and historical data. Most businesses could be spending less on dumpster rental services.

    While costs for residential dumpsters is predictable, commercial dumpster solutions are more complex. We can help you choose the right size dumpster for your business and provide equipment designed for your industry and usage. Alternatively, we can help you negotiate the best contract for manufacturing, retail, or restaurant dumpster rental, locally or for a nationwide franchise.

    Industries We Serve

    GTS provides waste brokering services to all types of businesses nationwide, from large hotels, apartments, restaurant chains, and franchises.

    • Facility Management High-rise apartment buildings and large ground level complexes benefit from brokered waste management services to consolidate and manage residential waste.
    • Hotels & Restaurants Hospitality businesses generate large volumes of trash and recyclables, and GTS negotiates for their best rates and reliable pickup schedules.
    • Industrial Manufacturing and industrial facilities need brokered waste services to ensure that all state and federal regulations are met and to reclaim all materials that have commercial value.
    • Marine / Offshore Businesses and organizations that operate on the water are heavily regulated to protect the environment and need reliable, cost-effective waste management services that can accommodate dockside or remote pickup locations.
    • Public Sector Townships and small communities can benefit from enrolling with our waste brokers to allow professional negotiation and implementation of waste management services that will satisfy the needs of taxpayers and meet public service budgets.
    • Retail Food Grocery stores and food distribution centers face challenges around recycling food waste and maintaining clean and compliant facilities. Our waste brokers can help these customer-facing food retailers maintain a green and clean reputation.
    • Retail Non-Food Many retail establishments struggle with recycling and waste management costs, and waste brokers from GTS can help them find the right solutions for their unique challenges.
    • Storage & Logistics Shipping and storage companies might have large or mid-sized waste management needs, which vary widely based on season and local markets. Negotiating variable rates that prevent overage charges is essential to profitability.
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    Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

    You can schedule a free consultation today to find out if your business can save an average of 35% or more on your waste management costs. If monthly overage charges or other fees require an emergency fund to handle, chances are that your contract could be re-negotiated to your benefit.

    Even if your business is required to choose from a limited number of waste services providers, there are still ways that Global Trash Solutions can help you lower your costs. Contact us today to find out more about our waste brokerage services and the cost-effective solutions we can offer. No problems are too large or small for improvement with an industry expert on your side.