Cram-A-Lot CV Vertical Compactor

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Cram-A-Lot’s CV series of vertical compactors are designed to save space and replace costly open containers. Choose from a variety of models with capacities of 2 to 8 yards. Compactors in the CV series are easy to use and require no special training. GTS can program your compactor for your specific business operations.


Lead Time: 6-8 weeks


With a small footprint, these easy-to-operate general waste compactors are ideal for high-rise apartment buildings, hotels, warehouses, office complexes, hospitals, and facilities with limited floor space. The compact, liquid-tight design eliminates the need for multiple front-load containers.

The high-efficiency compactors in the Cram-A-Lot CV series can be loaded from the front or rear and from the ground, off a dock, or through the wall. Compaction ratios average 3.5 to 1, depending on the material mix.

Features include:

  • UL/CUL listed control panel
  • Integrated power unit
  • Control panel built into side of compactor
  • Key operated controls
  • Automatic single-cycle operation
  • Door safety interlock
  • Heavy-duty controls
  • Oil sight gauge
  • Safe to haul light
  • Removable key for authorized operator usage
  • WASTEC rated
  • ANSI compliant

Each compactor is optimally designed for its intended application, with steel reinforcement and rugged construction designed to withstand years of use. All Cram-A-Lot compactors feature a floor riding ram design, which prevents trash from migrating behind the presshead.

Why Buy a Compactor?

An industrial rubbish compactor can help you streamline your operations and reduce hauling costs. Here are some reasons investing in a compactor makes sense:

  • Better efficiency: Your employees have better things to do than break down mountains of boxes or rearrange trash to fit into dumpsters. An industrial compactor creates tidy bales that are easy to store and transport. Your workers can throw whole boxes and other large materials into a compactor without breaking them down first, saving time and labor costs.
  • Lower overhead costs: With an industrial compactor there’s no need for trash bags, a significant expense for many businesses. You’ll save on hauling costs since bales take up less space in garbage trucks, and baled recyclables are more attractive to buyers.
  • Better safety and sanitation: The general waste compactors in the Cram-A-Lot CV series are self-contained to prevent waste and liquids from escaping. This improves sanitation in waste disposal areas, helps minimize exposure to hazardous materials, and reduces the likelihood of pest infestations.

Call Global Trash Solutions today to learn more about our industrial compactors for sale. You can buy a compactor on our website or over the phone.

Additional information

  • 100% Full Light
  • Additional Keys
  • Container Position Switch
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Machine Mounted Controls
  • Machine Mounted Power Unit and Container
  • Oil Sight Gauge
  • Spin on Oil Filter
  • TEFC Electric Motor
  • UL Listed Control Panel

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