Bramidan B6030 Baler


The B6030 industrial baler is easy to use and has a wide feed opening that is ideal for large cardboard boxes. Features include:

  • Extra wide chamber (>60 inches)
  • Low-profile design (can operate under 11-foot ceiling or higher)
  • Efficient compaction of large bulky materials
  • Lowest noise level in the market (<62 dB)
  • Full bale light notification
  • Automatic ejection of finished bale
  • Bale weight of 800 to 1300 lb

The Bramidan B6030 vertical baler is easy to operate. Simply place plastic waste or cardboard waste into the chamber until full-light indicator goes off (indicating the chamber is full). Close the gate, run a cycle, and tie off and eject the bale.

Finished bales are easy to store until your waste hauler arrives. The B6030 requires no special training to operate, making them ideal for retail businesses, grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, and similar facilities with moderate to large amounts of cardboard recycling.

Leasing Price: $320.00/mo for 60 months

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Benefits of Vertical Balers

  • Small footprint: Vertical balers take up little space compared to horizontal balers. Their compact design makes them ideal for spaces used by the public, including supermarkets, hospitals, retail businesses, and amusement parks.
  • Cost effective: Vertical balers are affordable, costing as little as one-fifth or even one-tenth the price of horizontal baler models.
  • Versatile: Vertical balers can process almost any type of recyclable waste, from office paper to corrugated cardboard. With its wide feed opening, Bramidan’s B6030 model is ideal as a cardboard baler and for waste paper recycling.

Global Trash Solutions offers financing options for our vertical cardboard balers. Call us today to learn more about buying or leasing the Bramidan B6030 baler.


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