Bramidan B4 Recycling Baler

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This powerful and compact recycling baler provides a perfect compacting solution in a small footprint. This system is simple and safe to operate, making it a cost-effective solution for small businesses and manufacturing.

Leasing Price: $120/mo for 60 months. Apply for financing.


B4 Recycling and Trash Baler Standard Features Include:

  • Bale weight (cardboard): 85 to 130 lbs.
  • Bale weight (plastic): 110 to 155 lbs.
  • Bale dimensions (in): 30 x 20 x 24
  • Cycle time (seconds): 42
  • Power supply: 110V 1-Phase 60Hz 10A
  • Lead time: 10-12 weeks
  • Full bale indicator light
  • Very low noise level (<60 dB), which is as quiet as an air conditioner
  • Low overall height (6.5 ft.) and small base area (3 ft.)
  • Easy and convenient operation in front of baler with an automatic 2-hand ejection system
  • Smallest possible volume with a press force of 8,800 lbs.
  • The ability to bale products like textiles, clothing, and fabric
  • No retainer dogs or paint inside the compression chamber

What Industries Use the Bramidan B4 Baler?

This versatile baler is popular for a wide variety of recycling processing applications and can handle most products which are typically baled. Some of the primary uses for the B4 include:

  • Waste paper baling for recycling
  • Industrial cardboard baler for processing shipping materials
  • Clothing or textile baler machine for valuable fiber recycling and ease of handling
  • Plastic and foil compression for restaurants and industry

What Benefits Does the B4 Baling Machine Bring to Your Business?

Purchasing a small recycling baler is almost always a cost-effective and beneficial investment for businesses and manufacturing facilities. Consider these benefits of the B4 trash baler:

Save money on waste management costs with fewer pickups.

Streamline your recycling processing and reduce storage needs.

Receive top rates for your baled and sorted recycled materials including fabric.

Sourcing the Best Commercial Baler for Your Application

Choosing a safe, reliable, and powerful industrial baler is an important investment that can save you money with the right model for your intended use. Contact us at Global Trash Solutions for advice on which model is right for your daily volume and unique application.

You can buy the B4 baler directly online from us, with a low leasing Price of $120/month for 60 months. To start saving money immediately, you can apply for financing for any of our equipment from Global Trash Solutions. There is no reason to wait any longer or struggle with outdated equipment when the right machine is waiting to solve your recycling problems.

Apply for financing for equipment from Global Trash Solutions

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  1. jørgen lassen

    Great machine

  2. Angie

    Love our B4 Baler! Thank you GTS

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