Cram-A-Lot 72 Inch Vertical Baler

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In 1978 we manufactured our very first product, a vertical cardboard baler. It was called the Cram-A-Lot DB-60, and since that time we have sold tens of thousands of vertical balers. In 2004, we revolutionized the industry with the Cram-A-Lot VB-60 – the safest, most reliable, and most user friendly vertical baler on the market today.

Standard features include:

  • Made in the USA
  • Complete Baler UL Listed
  • ANSI Z245.5 Compliant
  • Key Operated Controls
  • Quiet Operating Vane Pump
  • Gas Spring Assisted Loading Door
  • Electro-Magnet Safety Lock
  • Side Mounted Power Unit
  • Patented Bale Eject System
  • UHMW Ram Guides

Lead Time: 6-8 weeks


The Vertical Baler standard features include:

  • Bale weight: 750 to 1,600 lbs.
  • Bale dimensions (in): 42 x 30 x 48 to 72 x 30 x 48
  • Cycle time (seconds): 57 to 77

Benefits of Industrial Balers

If you own a business that deals with large amounts of cardboard or other refuse, such as a grocery store, furniture warehouse, or manufacturing facility, you need a way to quickly and efficiently manage these materials.

If your business produces enough cardboard to fill more than one dumpster per week and spends more than $130 per month on disposal costs, investing in an industrial baler is a good solution. There are other benefits as well. A vertical baler can help you:

  • Reduce handling and hauling costs: Balers can save time and labor costs since they eliminate the need for your employees to break down boxes—a time-consuming and tedious process. Your employees can throw whole or partially broken-down boxes right into the baler and run a bale cycle. Our recycling balers reduce the volume of cardboard by at least 60%. The densely packed cubes can be easily ejected onto pallets and stored neatly for pickup. And because bales take up less room on trucks, you’ll slash your hauling costs.
  • Improve sanitation and tidiness: Piles of cardboard or other waste is unsightly and can attract rodents and insects. Our vertical balers create tidier, cleaner waste storage areas.
  • Improve your green image: Using a designated baler for cardboard waste can prevent tons of paper waste from ending up in landfills. Municipal waste haulers don’t currently have a good way of separating paper and cardboard to prevent it from getting contaminated by food waste and other garbage. In fact, most paper waste thrown in dumpsters is deemed contaminated by the time it reaches sorting facilities and ends up in landfills. Using a baler produces clean bundles of cardboard that can easily be recycled and aren’t at risk for contamination. Diverting tons of waste from landfills and reducing emissions (from fewer hauls) contributes to your business’s green image.
  • Generate income: Cardboard bales are much more valuable than loose cardboard, since they’re easier to weigh and manage. If your business produces tons of paper waste, you can achieve a complete return on investment within months of purchasing a baler in rebates and reduced hauling costs. Baled cardboard sells for around $50 per ton, on average. GTS has vendor partners all over the U.S. who offer free pick-up and rebates for baled cardboard, a more cost-effective solution than paying $300-$400 to have bales hauled away.

GTS offers financing options for our vertical baler machines. Please call us today to find out more about our top-of-line baling equipment. We’ll guide you through the entire process and set you up with a trustworthy vendor offering the best rebates for your baled cardboard.

VB Baler specific features include:

  • Loading Door – Our patent-pending system utilizes gas springs instead of chain and sprocket to smoothly open the loading door after each compaction stroke, significantly reducing the risk of hand injury.
  • Safety Interlock – The entire operational circuit of the baler is controlled by a patent-pending design that utilizes an electro-magnet to hold the loading door securely in place until the baler has completed the compaction cycle and is in position to re-load.
  • Control Panel – Innovative design and layout of the control panel has allowed switches, operators, and interlocks to be reduced by 50%, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Side Mounted Power Unit – GTS has relocated the power unit to the side of the baler chassis for safer and easier maintenance and redesigned for simplicity and reliability. Brand name components are used to ensure long-term reliability. A direct drive vane pump is mounted directly to the motor flange, thereby eliminating the motor coupler and providing quieter and more reliable operation. The directional valve is mounted directly to the pump body, eliminating up to 50% of the hoses and potential leak points that exist on comparable models. All GTS power units are manufactured and assembled in house using brand name components.
  • Patented Bale Eject System – Unique design protects against bale eject system failure.
  • ANSI Z245.5 Compliant

Apply for financing for equipment from Global Trash Solutions.

Additional information

  • Additional Keys (2)
  • Bale Ties 14ga x 14' (250 count)
  • Complete UL Listing
  • Fixed Paper Dogs
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Left Hand Hinged Chamber Door
  • Lift-Up Loading Door
  • Oil Site Gauge
  • TEFC Electric Motor
  • Tri-Voltage Adapter, 10hp, 3Phase
  • 10 HP Motor
  • 15 HP Motor
  • 20 HP Motor
  • VB-72-B
  • VB-72-H
  • VB-72-X

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