Bramidan X30 HD Baler


The X30 HD baler is a compact low-profile machine with a high capacity. The superior press force and extra wide feed opening make it ideal for numerous types of waste. Features include:

  • Efficient processing of heavy-duty materials
  • 30-ton press force
  • Bale weight of 600 to 1000 lb
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Perfect for most bulky waste
  • Retainer dogs, which keep materials compressed in chamber
  • Quiet operation (equivalent to an air conditioner)

Leasing Price: $350.00/mo for 60 months

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Benefits of Vertical Balers

Horizontal balers compress waste horizontally, while vertical balers use downward force to compress waste into bales. Vertical balers have their own unique advantages, including:

  • Smaller footprint: Vertical balers take up a fraction of the space of a horizontal baler. This makes them ideal for small and odd-shaped spaces and for small businesses that have minimal excess space.
  • Lower purchase/lease cost: Vertical balers are typically less expensive that horizontal models. Leasing or financing a vertical baler is a good option for small and growing businesses on a budget. Leasing comes with the advantage of a predictable monthly charge and no maintenance fees.
  • Versatile: Whether you need a plastic baler, a carton baler, an aluminum baler, or a unit that processes a variety of materials, a vertical baler is a good choice. Vertical balers are ideal for restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, retail stores, hospitals, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and more.

Global Trash Solutions offers financing options for our commercial balers. Call us today to learn more about buying or leasing the Bramidan X30 HD baler.


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