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The Bramidan X30 HD Baler, available from Global Trash Solutions, is a heavy-duty vertical baler designed for businesses seeking an efficient solution for managing a wide range of recyclable materials. This multi-functional Bramidan baler is particularly suited for handling bulky and irregularly shaped items like cardboard boxes, making it an asset for enhancing waste disposal and recycling processes. It’s an ideal choice for various settings where space and efficiency are important considerations.

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The Bramidan X30 HD Baler is designed for versatile and heavy-duty waste management, capable of compacting a broad spectrum of materials. This makes it particularly suitable for environments that generate diverse waste types, such as large retail centers, industrial complexes, and manufacturing facilities.

Key Features

  • Heavy-Duty Compaction: Specifically engineered to compact heavy-duty materials, with a press force of 66,200 lbs.
  • Extra-Wide Feed Opening: Accommodates irregularly shaped and bulky waste, perfect for cardboard, plastic foil, paper, and many other types of materials.
  • Multi-Functional Baler: Handles a wide range of waste types including PET bottles, aluminum cans, tin cans, hard plastic, textiles, EPS (expandable plastics), and even wet waste.
  • High-Capacity and Low Profile: Designed as a low-profile baler, it effortlessly fits into various setups, providing helpful waste management capabilities without taking up excessive space.
  • Efficient Retainer Dogs: Keep compressed material securely within the chamber, ensuring efficient and consistent compaction.
  • Quiet Operation: Maintains a low noise level of 59-60 dB—about as quiet as an air conditioning unit—which aids in minimizing disruption to the workplace.
  • Safety Compliant: Meets ANSI, OSHA, and EN16500 safety standards.

Optional Extras

To further enhance its functionality, the Bramidan X30 HD Baler offers several optional extras:

  • BRA-IN Modem for Optimized Logistics: Equip your Bramidan baler with an intelligent modem for visual baler location data that can enhance the efficiency of bale collection and service routes.
  • Strapping and Steel Wires: These materials are useful for securing your plastic or cardboard bales and ensuring they are ready for transport or recycling.
  • Flap Door for PET Bottles: Simplifies handling of PET bottles by preventing them from falling out when the door opens.
  • Galvanized Surface: Choose a galvanized baler to increase resistance against wet waste materials or environments, extending the lifespan and utility of the baler in damp conditions.
  • Top-Mounted Strap Holders: Facilitates a close-to-wall installation, maximizing floor space and ensuring a neat setup for recycling waste.
  • Door Stop for Unobstructed Filling: Keeps the baler door open at 180 degrees, allowing for easy and efficient loading of materials.
  • Baler Feet for Easy Maneuvering: Lift your baler off the ground, simplifying cleaning underneath and assisting in moving the heavy-duty baler into tight spaces.
  • Auto Lock for Controlled Access: Limits baler operation to authorized individuals with a PIN code or a magnetic key tag for enhanced security and safety.

Whether it’s compacting cardboard waste into manageable bales, processing recyclable materials like plastic bottles and alu cans, or handling more challenging materials such as wet waste and textiles, this vertical baler’s heavy-duty capabilities and expandable features make it a true asset for your company. Its combination of high-capacity performance and the array of optional enhancements position the Bramidan X30 HD as a powerful tool in improving recycling waste processes and managing waste volumes efficiently.

Feel free to contact Global Trash Solutions with any questions you have about the X30 HD Baler.

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