Bramidan B20 Recycling Baler

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Lead Time: Jun 21, 2024

Discover the efficiency and versatility of the B20 Recycling Baler, a standout product from Bramidan. This vertical baler is ideal for a variety of settings, from bustling big-box stores to smaller retail shops and even manufacturing facilities. With a formidable press force of 20 tons (44,100 lbs), it’s engineered to compact an array of recyclable materials, including cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic foil, into manageable bales.

Designed with efficiency in mind, this heavy-duty Bramidan baler creates bales that fit effortlessly on a standard US pallet, optimized for seamless, ready-for-collection transportation. This medium waste volume  baler is a boon for waste management, streamlining the waste collection and processing workflow.

Leasing Price: $230/mo. for 60 months. Apply for financing.

Lead Time: 2-4 weeks


Technical Specifications and Standard Features of the B20 Recycling Baler

  • Bale weight (OCC/cardboard): 450 to 550 lbs.
  • Bale weight (plastic foil): 550 to 650 lbs.
  • Bale dimensions (in): 48 x 30 x 30
  • Cycle time: 37 seconds
  • Power supply options: 208/230/480V 3-phase 60Hz
  • Easy-to-tie-off bales, enhancing the waste handling process
  • High throughput with a short press cycle
  • Strategically placed strap rolls for close-to-wall installation
  • High compression ratio for efficient waste processing
  • Bales compatible with standard US pallets for easy waste collection and transport
  • Mounted knife for cutting baler straps, facilitating easy bale removal
  • Automatic full light indicator to signal when the vertical baler is full
  • Wide opening for easy loading of recyclable materials
  • Lead time: 2-3 weeks

The B20 boasts a low noise level, ensuring minimal disruption, and features an auto lock for enhanced safety, limiting access to the machine and ensuring operation only under safe conditions.

An optional digital mobile network solution enables the Bramidan baler to send a text message when the bale is ready. It can also send messages to your hauling company when bales are ready for pickup.

Applications and Benefits of the B20 Recycling Baler

If you own a business anywhere in the United States that deals with large amounts of cardboard waste, paper products or soft plastic waste, such as a retail store or warehouse, you need a way to quickly and efficiently manage these recyclable materials.

If your business produces enough cardboard to fill more than one dumpster per week and spends more than $130 per month on disposal costs with your waste collector, investing in an industrial cardboard baler is a good solution.

Smart Monitoring: Equipped with BRA-IN (Bramidan Intelligence), the B20 offers advanced equipment monitoring and analysis, making waste handling processes both time-efficient and user-friendly.

User-Friendly Indicators: Features a full light indicator to promptly notify users about the chamber’s status, ensuring a seamless operation cycle.

Safety First: Engineered with the highest standards in safety features for baler machines, the B20 ensures safe operation through features like auto lock, which restricts access to the vertical baler, enhancing workplace safety.

Waste Management Efficiency: The B20 is adept at processing a variety of materials, including cardboard, paper, and plastic foil, making it a versatile tool for waste management in retail shops, manufacturing facilities, hotels, and other industries.

Cost Reduction: By compacting recyclable types of waste into bales, the B20 significantly reduces handling and hauling costs, making waste collection more efficient and cost-effective in the long term.

Environmental Impact: Utilizing the high-quality B20 for recycling baler operations helps divert significant amounts of waste materials, such as corrugated cardboard, from landfills, contributing to your business’s green initiatives and improving your environmental footprint.

Revenue Generation: Cardboard bales are much more valuable than loose cardboard, since they’re easier to weigh and manage. Baled cardboard sells for around $50 per ton, on average. GTS has vendor partners all over the U.S. who offer free pick-up and rebates for baled cardboard, a more cost-effective solution than paying $300-$400 to have bales hauled away to recycling facilities.

By integrating the B20 Recycling Baler into your waste management strategy, you’ll not only streamline your waste handling processes but also contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective operation.

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