Bramidan X25 HD Baler


The Bramidan X25 industrial baler offers superior press force with specially designed internal cross cylinders. This allows for stable compaction of material with a heavy bale weight, including plastic waste and waste paper recycling.

It’s heavy-duty construction and 25-ton press force makes the Bramidan X25 ideal for handling different types of materials, including corrugated cardboard, plastics, and foam.

Additional features include:

  • High-volume chamber
  • Fast and efficient cycle time
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Retainer dogs, which prevent material from expanding
  • No openings or moving parts on outside of machine
  • Low overall height (<6.5 feet)
  • Quiet operation (equivalent to an air conditioner)
  • Bale weight of 500 to 775 lb


Leasing Price: $315.00/mo for 60 months

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Advantages of Vertical Balers

Vertical balers use downward force to compress waste materials. You simply fill the chamber, close the gate, and start the unit. The baler’s ram (housed above the chamber) moves downward and crushes the recyclable waste. Repeat this process until the chamber is full, then tie up the finished bale and eject it from the machine.

Vertical balers can process many of the same materials as horizontal models and have several distinct advantages:

  • Smaller footprint: Vertical balers take up much less space than horizontal balers. Their compact design makes them ideal for spaces used by the public, including supermarkets, hospitals, retail businesses, and amusement parks. The X25 baler fits in spaces with low ceilings and has very low height requirements, since the cylinders are inside the machine.
  • Less expensive: Vertical balers are typically less expensive that horizontal balers, costing as little as one-fifth or even one-tenth the price. This makes them ideal for businesses on a budget, such as small retail stores, pharmacies, and grocers.
  • Versatile: Vertical balers can process almost any type of recyclable waste, from office paper to corrugated cardboard to non-ferrous metals. Vertical balers are also available in specialized models, including industrial cardboard balers, which are mechanically designed to handle large amounts of cardboard. Aluminum can balers are designed to compact aluminum into resalable bales.

GTS offers financing options for our vertical baler machines. Call us today to learn more about buying or leasing the Bramidan X25 baler.


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