Bramidan B5 Wide Baler

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Lead Time: Jun 21, 2024

The Bramidan B5 Wide Baler, available from Global Trash Solutions, is a premier choice for businesses that accumulate small to moderate amounts of bulky waste, such as wide cardboard boxes. This machine is a powerhouse, combining high capacity with user-friendly features, making waste management a breeze.

Lead Time: 2-4 weeks


Technical Specifications and Standard Features of the Bramidan B5 Wide Baler

The cornerstone of the B5 Wide’s design is its wide 39-inch feed opening, which accommodates bulky waste with ease. This feature simplifies the disposal of large boxes by allowing users to feed cardboard waste directly into the machine without the need for pre-processing. By enabling such direct disposal, this Bramidan baler significantly cuts down on labor costs associated with waste handling, which goes a long way toward making it a cost-effective solution for businesses aiming to enhance their waste management practices.

Key Features

  • High Capacity: Tailored for high-volume capacity, it is capable of managing large amounts of bulky waste
  • Power: The B5 Wide has a press force of 11,000 lbs.
  • Wide Entry: The wide opening makes it easy to dispose of large cardboard boxes and bulky waste without preliminary breakdown.
  • Easy Bale Removal: Includes an auto-eject system for effortless bale removal, reducing manual labor and enhancing safety.
  • Quiet Operation: Operating at a low noise level (65-68 dB), the B5 Wide minimizes noise pollution to ensure peace and quiet in any setting.
  • Versatile Recycling: A versatile vertical baler that can handle various types of recyclable materials, including cardboard, plastic, and paper.
  • Convenient Storage for Bale Cord: The front-loading feature for bale cord or wire makes refilling quick and hassle-free.
  • Safety Standards Compliant: Meets ANSI and OSHA standards as well as the relatively new European EN16500 safety standard for vertical baling presses.
  • Easy Operation: Designed for simplicity, the B5 Wide requires no special training; it’s a highly accessible waste solution for any business.


The Bramidan B5 Wide Baler is an ideal solution for businesses that deal with large volumes of bulky waste materials, including wide cardboard boxes, plastic foil, and paper. Its high capacity and wide entry make it particularly suited for retail stores, industrial settings, and manufacturing facilities where waste volume can quickly accumulate.

Enhancing Your Baling Experience

The B5 Wide is more than just a standard cardboard baler. It also includes several optional enhancements such as:

The BRA-IN monitoring system, which allows businesses to keep track of their recycling equipment in real time. This significantly reduces downtime and ensures that the vertical baler operates at peak efficiency, with immediate notifications alerting to maintenance needs or when a bale is ready for pick-up.

An auto lock feature that restricts control of the unit to authorized personnel only, adding an extra layer of security and efficiency to the waste management process.

Its high-volume capacity, combined with cost-saving and efficient waste handling features, makes a valuable asset for businesses committed to enhancing their recycling efforts. Like all Bramidan B-Series recycling balers, it can be positioned along the wall to conserve floor space.

With its ability to tackle large amounts of recyclable materials, coupled with labor-saving standard features, this Bramidan baler is a good investment for any company aiming to optimize their waste management practices.

Feel free to contact Global Trash Solutions with any questions you have about the Bramidan B5 Wide Baler.

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