Bramidan Baler X6030 LP (Low Profile)

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With heavy scissor cylinders, the Bramidan X6030 LP is ideal for low ceiling applications where a full mill bale size is needed. The X6030 LP produces a full 60″ cardboard bale and can be installed under an 8-foot ceiling. This model provides efficient recycling for cardboard and plastics in a powerful, low profile machine.


Heavy Duty and High Pressure

With 88,000 lbs of pressure, an almost fully penetrating press plate and a heavy-duty frame, this mill-sized baler can handle large volumes of recyclable materials like PET plastic, aluminum cans, cardboard, and stretch wrap.

Key Features of This X-Series Bramidan Baler

  • Works with a wide range of waste types including cardboard, plastic foil, paper, aluminum cans, PET bottles, EPS, tin cans, hard plastics, and textiles
  • Capable of handling large amounts of waste materials, producing full mill-sized 60″ bales, but fits under 8-foot ceiling heights
  • Front bale tying and automatic bale ejection, makes efficient use of space, allowing this vertical baler to be placed in a rack or against a wall
  • Safe and easy to operate, fully compliant with United States ANSI and UL regulations
  • Efficient waste handling, storage, and pick up with quiet operation with a low 62-64 dB, similar to an office printer
  • Durable powder paint coating to match your business or warehouse facility

How to Use the Bramidan X6030 LP Cardboard Baler

  1. Load the chamber with cardboard boxes, plastic waste, or other recyclable materials.
  2. When the chamber full indicator light illuminates, the bale is ready to be ejected.
  3. Tie off the bale with twine or wire, and eject it onto a forklift or cart.
  4. Bales can be stacked and stored while awaiting waste pickup for efficient use of space and to reduce waste volume and logistics costs.

Bramidan X6030 LP Technical Specifications

  • Full 60″ mill-sized bale, 30″ depth x 60″ width x 48″ height
  • Less than 92″ installed height
  • Feed Opening 60″ width x 21″ height
  • Machine Weight 4850 pounds
  • Cardboard Bale Weight 800-1200 pounds
  • Plastic Bale Weight 850-1300 pounds
  • Press Force: 88,200 pounds
  • Cycle Time 40 seconds

Industry Applications for This Bramidan Baler

  • Efficient waste reduction for retail stores and universities
  • Improved recycling rates and handling costs for grocery stores and manufacturing
  • Effective waste stream management for big box stores and distribution centers

Which Recycling Baler or Trash Compactor Is Right for Your Facility?

Global Trash Solutions has a full line of Bramidan balers for every space and facility. Contact us today to discuss your existing or new waste management equipment and get guidance on choosing the best baler for your application and waste reduction goals.

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