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This large Bramidan baler from Global Trash Solutions has two large cylinders with more than 110,000 lbs of press force, making it the perfect choice for locations with large volumes or significant loads of recyclable materials like cardboard or shrink wrap.

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Key Features of the B7242 SD Bramidan Baler

The Bramidan B7242 SD is a large recycling baler built for commercial and industrial applications involving high volumes of materials. This heavy-duty vertical baler is:

  • Built to handle high waste volumes and throughput with a large loading area and fast cycle times.
  • A large baler capable of baling cardboard, plastic foil, paper, or other recycled materials at high volume.
  • Cost-effective and easy to operate
  • Available in custom colors
  • Equipped with a lockable control panel, safety features, and light indicators when full
  • Able to produce highly compact cardboard bales that are stackable for storage and less space consumption
  • Provided with a large load door for easy loading of high volume materials
  • Compliant with ANSI and UL standards

How Does the B7242 SD Baler Work?

The Bramidan B7242 SD produces bales of cardboard with a bale weight of more than 1400 pounds. It has integrated safety features and automatic bale ejection to streamline your recycling process.

  • Load plastic wrap, paper products, or recycled cardboard waste into the baler.
  • After multiple compaction cycles, the full-light indicator comes on.
  • When the baler is full and the light comes on, tie off and eject the finished bale.
  • Transport the bale by forklift or cart and store until collection.

Bramidan B7242 SD Baler Specifications

  • Press force of 110,000 lbs reduces waste volume and recycling costs
  • Designed for large waste volumes of recycled materials
  • Feed opening 72 x 26 inches for large corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Bale size 72 x 42 x 47-52 inches
  • Bale weights for cardboard 1550-1850 lbs
  • Bale weights for plastic wraps 1550-1850 lbs
  • Cycle time 25 seconds

Ideal Applications for Bramidan Plastic and Cardboard Balers

Any facility with high volume waste handling needs can benefit from commercial waste equipment like an industrial trash compactor and a recycling baler like Bramidan B7242SD, including:

  • Retail or grocery stores with large amounts of cardboard waste to compact
  • Manufacturing facilities actively managing their production of recyclables
  • Hospitality industries managing waste and recycling at a large scale
  • Distribution centers and logistics companies with packaging materials and cardboard boxes to bale
  • Large recycling facilities, waste management transfer stations, and public sector waste streams

Is the Bramidan B7242 SD Baler Machine Right for Your Business?

Successful recycling programs capture a significant amount of waste in the United States each year. As recycling rates rise, this directly reduces the amount of waste heading to landfills, and businesses are seeing the value in both cost savings and positive environmental impact in our communities.

Schedule a free consultation today to find out which baler for cardboard or commercial trash compactor is right for your industry application. GTS will analyze your waste management needs and recommend the right equipment to reduce waste and meet your budget. You can buy or lease the Bramidan B7242SD or a wide variety of industry leading equipment directly from Global Trash Solutions to streamline and modernize your recycling programs today.

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