Commercial Industrial Compactors

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    Types of Commercial / Industrial Compactors

    GTS2000 Compactor


    The GTS2000 Compactor is a perfect waste system for fast food franchises, full service restaurants, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, schools and retail chains. This unit is about the size of a residential refrigerator. The GTS2000 is easy to operate and built to last.

    Apartment Compactors

    Apartment Compactor

    GTS Apartment Compactors are designed to solve those extra tight space problems. These powerful units are the perfect solution for high-rise apartments, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and anywhere else trash space is limited.

    Commercia Industrial Compactors

    X-Press Pack Compactor

    The X-Press Pack is the easiest compactor on the market… just install it and start saving! This compact, self-contained unit offers the same liquid tight containment as a standard sized compactor, but in a more convenient size.

    Self Contained Trash Compactor

    Self Contained Trash Compactor

    GTS offers Self-Contained Compactors (1yd and 2yd packing chamber size) with containers available ranging from 10 yds to 38 yds total. The compactor’s liquid tight containment provides a clean method to handle any type of trash.

    vertical compactors

    Vertical Compactors

    This compact, liquid tight compactor/container is designed to eliminate the need for multiple front load containers. Loadable from the ground, off a dock, or through the wall with optional chute fed systems available.

    maroon colored Stationary Compactors

    Stationary Compactors

    We offer Stationary Compactors in various sizes, from our 2-4 yard Commercial Compactors to Heavy Industrial 5-15 Yard Compactors. Each unit is designed to safely, quietly and efficiently compact your waste.

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    Clients we Serve

    Clients we serve