Why You’re Being Overcharged for Your Business’s Waste Hauling

by Global Trash Solutions

Businesses often face unexpected costs on their waste management bills due to overage charges, which occur when the amount of waste exceeds contractual limits. These fees can significantly inflate expenses and strain budgets. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Global Trash Solutions offers specialized services to help businesses navigate and reduce these costs, ensuring more manageable and predictable waste management expenses.

What Is a Waste Overage Charge?

A waste overage charge is an additional fee imposed by waste haulers when the amount of waste generated by a business exceeds the limits outlined in their service contract, or when normal pickup procedures encounter interference due to the fault of the customer.

Waste limits are typically defined by the volume or weight of material that a container can hold. When a container is overfilled or exceeds its weight capacity, haulers apply overage fees to cover the extra handling and disposal costs. Generally speaking, if the lid of a container can’t close properly, it’s too full—and that results in an overage charge. These charges can significantly inflate a company’s waste bill.

Overage charges are a common but preventable expense that many businesses overlook until they receive an unexpectedly high invoice. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “Why is my waste management bill so high?” the answer is often overage charges. Learning how these charges work is the first step toward managing your waste disposal costs more effectively.

Common Sources of Overage Charges

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Overage charges often stem from a few common sources. One major cause is the overfilling of waste containers. When waste exceeds the container’s designated capacity, or if spillover trash is piled up outside the container, haulers will usually charge an additional fee. Similarly, if waste is improperly compacted, more space is taken up, triggering these overage charges.

Obstructed or inaccessible containers are another frequent issue. If a hauler cannot access a container due to blocked pathways, locked gates, or improper placement, they may impose an overage charge for the extra time and effort required to collect the waste. This situation is particularly common in busy commercial areas where space is limited.

In some cases, haulers even impose overage charges with no justifiable cause. This is one reason why a company like Global Trash Solutions can be a valuable ally in analyzing your waste processes and reducing or eliminating unnecessary fees.

Global Trash Solutions recognizes the impact of waste management overage charges on a business’s bottom line and offers customized solutions to help reduce these expenses. By addressing the root causes of overage charges, businesses can gain the benefits of more predictable and manageable waste management costs.

Tips to Save Money on Waste Hauling

Reducing waste management costs involves proactive strategies to avoid overage charges. Here are a few suggestions for lowering your bill:

  • Monitor Waste Levels Regularly – Keep track of how full your containers are to avoid overfilling.
  • Optimize Waste Compaction – Ensure waste is properly compacted to maximize container space.
  • Ensure Accessible Containers – Place containers in accessible locations and keep pathways clear.
  • Adjust Pickup Frequency – Evaluate and adjust the frequency of waste pickups to match your waste generation patterns, so you’re not paying for unnecessary services.

Implementing these practices can significantly lower your waste-related expenses. Businesses that need to save money on waste management also have access to a highly experienced support team in Global Trash Solutions’ (GTS). Our waste broker services help businesses minimize waste-related costs. Benefits of partnering with GTS include:

  • Detailed Waste Auditing – GTS conducts thorough audits of your current waste management practices to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement.
  • Contract Negotiation – GTS negotiates with waste haulers to secure better terms and lower rates for your waste services, with the aim of addressing hidden fees and restrictive terms that often lead to higher costs.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Support – GTS provides continuous monitoring of your waste management account to ensure that no unnecessary fees appear on your bill.
  • Dumpster Rental Savings – GTS can negotiate better rates for dumpster rentals, which can help you save significantly on rental fees.
  • Customized Solutions – GTS tailors its services to fit the specific needs of your business, whether it’s optimizing container sizes, scheduling more efficient pickups, or enhancing recycling programs.

By leveraging GTS’s expertise, businesses can achieve substantial savings and improve their overall waste management efficiency. Contact us today for a free quote and more information about our waste brokering and waste consulting services.

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