Waste Broker or Waste Consultant?

by Global Trash Solutions


Waste brokers are companies that take on the responsibilities of a company’s waste collection and disposal processes. Brokers do not actually pick up the trash themselves, but instead become a middle-man between the waste hauler and the customer. They handle the collection of all types of materials including municipal solid waste (MSW), medical waste, and recyclables such as cardboard, plastic, glass, organics, and aluminum.  Some waste brokers also offer other services such as property maintenance, snow plowing, plumbing, power washing, and grease trap pick-up.

Some large companies prefer to use brokers because they can receive one itemized statement for many different services like the ones described above. One of the drawbacks of using a broker is that the company is no longer the customer of the waste hauler, so they are left without any decision-making power when it comes to what waste hauler they use. Some brokers prefer to stay month-to-month with their vendors, which can drive prices for trash service up because haulers usually offer a better deal for a longer contract term. Another issue is that there is no transparency – the customer does not know what the hauler is ultimately charging for service because the invoice comes to the broker, not the customer. Generally brokers make their money by charging a per-location fee or by marking up the trash service and passing the cost on to the customer.

It is important to take precautions to make sure you are using the best waste broker if you decide that consolidated billing and facilities management is the right move for your company. You will want to do research and reach out to several references of the broker you are considering. Global Trash Solutions works as a consultant for our clients. We make recommendations to generate savings and always negotiate the best available rates, but we always leave the decision of what haulers to use or changes to make up to our customers. We feel that by empowering our customers to make the right decisions for their bottom line and for the environment, we create a win-win for everyone involved!

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