Global Trash Solutions GTS1500 Indoor Commercial Trash Compactor


Product Description

The GTS1500 compacts 7 bags into 1. Trash hauling costs continue to rise, but our clients have found that by using our compactor, they can reduce their hauling expenses by 50% or more! Compaction pressure of unit is preset upon order to match individual clients needs.

The GTS1500 Compactor is a perfect waste system for fast food franchises, full-service restaurants, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, schools, and retail chains, manufacturing, and service industries. Through our patented technology, our customers are taking control of their expenses back from their waste haulers.

Leasing Price: $188/mo for 60 months

GTS 1500 Indoor Trash Compactor


GTS1500 Trash Compactors standard features include:

  • Requires no lift cart
  • Perfect for urban applications where there is curbside garbage pickup
  • Produces cubes of garbage 50 lbs. or less
  • 7 bags to 1 compaction ratio
  • 40% reduction in waste hauling expenses
  • Each unit comes with  2 rolls of starter bags (50 bags to a roll)