Bramidan DP16 Drum Press

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Bramidan’s DP16 drum press is specially designed for compression of oil drums and other drums without explosive contents. It is suitable for drums up to 55 gallons/200 liters. Features include:

  • Up to 90% compaction
  • Press plate spikes, which puncture drum and remove air
  • Interlocking system, which prevents motor from running unless door is closed
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe to use

Compressed drums take up far less space and are easy to stack and store. You don’t need to clean drums before compressing them, as long as they contain no residual hazardous or potentially explosive material.


Leasing Price: $255.00/mo for 60 months


Why Invest in a Drum Press?

Steel drums are used to hold a variety of materials, from crude oil to chemicals to dry goods. When they’ve reached the end of their lifespan, a drum press can help you get steel drums ready for disposal. The Bramidan DP16 drum baler crushes metal drums to as little as 10% of their original size, and compacted drums are easy to stack and store.

Compacted drums are also easier to transport, which can help slash your hauling costs. And, because compacted drums are more sought after by scrap metal buyers, investing in a drum press can turn a cost center (waste disposal) into a profit center for your business.

Contact Global Trash Solutions for more information about the Bramidan DP16 Drum Press. Our waste management consultants can help you decide whether buying or leasing is the best solution for your business. We’ll also help you find waste management solutions to increase your revenues on recyclables.

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