Waste Management Solutions for Washington State

Does your Washington business pay too much for waste management? It might be possible to reduce your waste management budget by 35% or more with the right combination of equipment and services from Global Trash Solutions. We work directly with our commercial clients to analyze their specific needs and negotiate waste contracts to reduce costs.



    Waste processing plant. Technological process for acceptance, storage, sorting and further processing of waste for their recycling. Selective focus.

    GTS provides waste consulting, brokerage, and equipment services to retail stores, manufacturing facilities, and marine businesses in Washington state. As a leader in the waste industry nationwide, we have the expertise and connections to lower waste costs and improve environmental sustainability.

    Analyzing the Costs of Waste Management

    GTS waste consultants can analyze your existing costs and review past invoices and current contracts to streamline your budget for waste removal, hazardous waste disposal, and general waste and recycling expenses. They can also factor in potential cost-savings from replacing aging waste compactors and equipment with new, greener alternatives.

    Identify Waste Stream Opportunities and Implement Sustainability Solutions

    Our professional waste consultants can perform a waste audit to accurately measure what kinds of materials your business produces. GTS sustainability consultants can use this data to identify opportunities for waste diversion and reduction.

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    Negotiating Commercial Waste Contracts and Managing Waste Removal Vendors

    As a single business or local chain, you have limited leverage when it comes to negotiating Washington waste management fees for trash collection and recycling. You might be seeing added fees for container overflows or paying for frequent pickups you don’t need. The professional waste brokers at GTS can negotiate waste disposal contracts on your behalf, rightsize your pickup schedule,and manage vendors to keep costs predictable.

    Commercial Waste Compactors and Cardboard Balers

    GTS sells and rents industrial trash compactors, self-contained dumpster compactors, and commercial recycling and cardboard balers in the sizes and configurations that make sense for your business. We also provide service for all major brands of waste compactors and balers.

    Washington Solid and Hazardous Waste Plan Compliance

    The State of Washington Department of Ecology provides a Hazardous and Solid Waste Plan that regulates the treatment and disposal of waste within the state. This plan focuses on reducing waste, sustainability solutions, recycling, and safe disposal. A GTS waste consultant in Washington can help you comply with local regulations—including those for biohazard waste and “dangerous waste,” which is a category specific to Washington state.1

    Leveraging GTS Waste Brokers and Consulting Services for Your Business

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    Global Trash Solutions partners with retail and manufacturing companies all across the country to deliver cost-savings, compliance, trash compactor and cardboard baler repair, and innovative solutions for your sustainability journey. Whether you need help with planning, implementing, or maintaining industrial waste compactors, developing a plan for environmental sustainability, or dumpster pickup schedules, GTS has the answers you need. It all starts with a free consultation.

    Partner with the industry experts for a free consultation and savings opportunity report from GTS. With a full line of mobile or stationary compactors and balers for every application, we can recommend the right equipment to reduce waste volume and recapture the value of recyclable materials.

    Manage all your vendors and contracts through a single point of contact that defends your financial interests and saves you time and money at every stage of the process. Contact GTS today to learn more about commercial garbage compactors, equipment, compliance auditing, and supplier management for your Washington facility today.


    1. https://ecology.wa.gov/Regulations-Permits/Plans-policies/Washington-state-waste-plan