Wide Mouth Horizontal Baler

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Product Description

The GTS HE-60 Horizontal Wide Mouth Baler is designed with the largest clear top opening which is 22.5% larger than our largest 72” Horizontal Baler and can be used with or without a
conveyor system. Designed for ease of installation, operation, and maintenance the baler can operate manually or automatically with photoelectric cell control. The HE-60 is ideal for
warehouses, users baling waste paper, corrugated, newsprint, office white, plastics, foam rubber, light aluminum and other recyclables without pre-conditioning or fluffing required.

GTS He 60 Wide Mouth Horizontal Baler


Wide Mouth Horizontal Balers standard features include:

• UL/CUL listed Control Panel
• WASTEC Rated
• Programmable ControllerAdjustable Hardened Shear Blade
• Full-Bale and Advanced Warning Indicators
• Automatic Bale Ejection System
• Auto-Cycle with Photocell
• Start-up Alarm & Light
• Name Brand Electrical & Hydraulic Components
• Custom Hoppers Available

Design Features:

• Heavy Duty Construction provides long service life
• 8” High Performance Cylinder – Made in USAAutomatic Cycle feature controlled by Photocell
• Power Source IHM (Integrated Hydraulic Manifold) system reduces the number of hydraulic hoses & fittings, providing a cleaner, more reliable and more
durable hydraulic system
• Hydraulic Door Latch
• Wire Guide Tie System
• Conveyor Feed Controls with Photocell
• Conforms to all current ANSI Z 245.5 safety standards

Loading Capabilities:

• Load from ground, off a dock, or through the wall.
• USER FRIENDLY: Container lid automatically unlocks when container is emptied and locks when returned.
• SELF-CONTAINED UNIT: Designed for limited space locations