Stationary Compactor

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Production Description:

Commercial Size 2-4 Yard Compactors:
Commercial size compactors are designed for moderate duty service. They are perfect for retail
stores, light industrial plants, grocery stores, hospitals and many similar applications.
The 4-yard compactor is designed for heavy commercial, industrial and mini-transfer stations.
This unit is engineered to handle above average quantities of refuse when a transfer station
is not applicable.
Commercial size compactors offer integral power units to the compactor chassis for security,
yet are accessible for ease of maintenance and repairs.

Large Industrial 5-15 Yard Compactors:
Large Industrial compactors are designed for heavy industrial duty service. They are perfect
for manufacturing facilities, heavy industrial plants, transfer stations and similar applications.

GTS Stationary Trash Compactor


H2R 60 Auto Tie Balers standard features include:

• UL/CUL listed Control Panel
• Touch Screen Controls
• Electronic Dashboard
• Accent 470 Wire Tie System
• Automatic Bale Ejection System
• Auto-cycle with Photocell
• Name Brand Electrical & Hydraulic Components
• Oil Cooler
Design Features:
• Heavy Duty Construction provides long service life
• Integrated Controls for Baler & Wire Tie System
• 9” High Performance Cylinder – Made in USA
• Automatic Cycle feature controlled by Photocell
• Guillotine Bale Separator
• Externally Adjustable, Serrated Shear Blade
• Tongue & Groove Floor in Charge Chamber
• Replaceable Liners
• Conveyor Feed Controls with Photocell
• Conforms to all current ANSI Z 245.5 safety standards
Optional Features:
• Control Pedestal with Casters
• Bale Slide Table
• Oil Heater
• Biodegradable Oil
• Custom Hopper Solutions
• 60” Standard or Pit Conveyor Systems