Global Trash Solutions GTS2000 Indoor Commercial Trash Compactor with Custom Waste Dolly


Product Description

The GTS2000 compacts waste on a 15:1 ratio and is simple and safe to operate. Designed for indoor use, the GTS2000 commercial compactor is the ideal waste management system for fast food franchises, full-service restaurants, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, schools, and retail chains. Our clients have been able to slash their waste hauling expenses by 50% or more using the GTS 2000 compactor, even as trash hauling costs continue to rise.

Leasing Price: $240/mo. for 60 months

GTS 2000 Indoor Trash Compactor

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The GTS2000 is one of the most powerful indoor compactors on the market today. The commercial trash compactor produces cubes of garbage 125 lbs. or less and can reduce hauling costs by 50% or more. Each unit comes with 2 rolls of starter bags (50 bags/roll) and is equipped with a required lift cart ($1,500).Standard features of the GTS2000 trash compactor include:

  • Durable, Kevlar-based coating
  • Sturdy steel frame design
  • 15:1 compaction ratio
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Programmable logic control
  • Tamper-proof door sensor
  • Adjustable 4,000 lb. draw latch


Benefits of Trash Compactors

If your business produces a sizeable amount of waste in its day-to-day operations, a garbage compactor is a must. An industrial compactor can help you:

  • Cut costs: Compacted trash bales take up less room on trucks, saving you money on hauling costs. If you spend more than $600 on waste disposal costs each month, a compactor will pay for itself in very little time.
  • Improve sanitation: Overflowing dumpsters are a nuisance and a health hazard for employees and the public. Exposed trash can also attract rodents and insects.
  • Increase productivity: Managing large amounts of loose waste is time consuming. A trash compactor helps workers quickly, safely, and efficiently manage waste. This can save you on labor costs over time.

The GTS2000 can be used for newspaper, soft and hard plastics, and metals. It’s one of the best large compactors on the market today.

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