Bramidan B20 Recycling Baler


Product Description:

The B20 is a highly flexible machine. It is suitable for many different applications e.g. larger retail shops, stores and different industries. Flexible baler for various types of industries Compact different types of recyclable materials including cardboard, paper, and soft plastic. Bales are perfect pallet size Bale dimension is optimized for transport and finished bales fit on a standard EUR pallet.

You can buy the B20 Recycling Baler directly online. If you want to order more than one or have any questions, contact us today!

Leasing Price: $250/mo for 60 months

B20 Brochure


B20 Baler standard features include:

• Easy tying of the bales
• High throughput
• Short press cycle
• Front-placed strap rolls for close-to-wall installation
• High compression ratio
• Bales fit on a standard EUR pallet

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