Cram-A-Lot Chute Fed Apartment Trash Compactor


GTS Apartment Compactors are designed to solve those extra tight space problems. The compactor packs into a 2yd or 3yd front load or rear load container where overall space utilization is critical. These powerful units are the perfect solution for high-rise apartments, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and anywhere else trash space is very limited.

You can buy an apartment trash compactor directly online. If you want to order more than one or have any questions, contact us today!

Leasing Price: $355.00/mo for 60 months

GTS Apartment Trash Compactor

Apartment Compactors standard features include:

• Units can be equipped with high-rise chute hoppers, ground feed hoppers, and any other special installation solution requirement
• Can be equipped with single side latching for easy and quick container removal
• UL/CUL Listed Control Panel
• ANSI Z245.2 & ANSI Z245.21 Compliant
• Quiet Operating Vane Pump

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2yd, 3yd