Apartment Compactor

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GTS Apartment Compactors are designed to solve those extra tight space problems. The compactor packs into a 2yd or 3yd front load or rear load container where overall space utilization is critical. These powerful units are the perfect solution for high-rise apartments, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and anywhere else trash space is very limited.

GTS Apartment Trash Compactor


Apartment Compactors standard features include:

• Units can be equipped with high-rise chute hoppers, ground feed hoppers, and any other special installation solution requirement
• Can be equipped with single side latching for easy and quick container removal
• UL/CUL Listed Control Panel
• ANSI Z245.2 & ANSI Z245.21 Compliant
• Quiet Operating Vane Pump

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2yd, 3yd