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Commercial Compactor and Baler Repair
Commercial Compactor and Baler Repair


Contact us today to get your waste equipment back in operation.

Trust us to get your compactor up and running again, fast! You know better than anyone the consequences your business suffers when your compactor is down: Trash piling up; increased waste costs; lost staff efficiency.

So, when it comes to getting your compactor repaired, trust Global Trash Solutions. While most repair companies will take 72 hours or more to get to your site, our nationwide network of experienced service technicians are dispatched immediately and can be on-site making repairs within 24 hours. Our Call Center operates 24/7/365, so no one prioritizes your problem faster or more efficiently than we can. And, our technicians don’t just arrive faster, they are specialists in compactor repair and show up with the right tools and the right expertise to get your waste operation running smoothly again, pronto!

Global Trash Solutions is the industry leader in waste equipment repair. We service every make and model. So, put our number on speed-dial and call us the minute your compactor starts giving you trouble. Save yourself time, money and frustration. And, if you’d rather avoid a break-down altogether, we offer a service and maintenance program that will keep all your waste equipment operating as it should without the worry of unexpected down time.