Industrial Balers

A commercial baler is an important—if not essential—piece of recycling equipment for many businesses, from manufacturing facilities to hotels. Balers compress recyclable materials like cardboard, plastic shrink wrap, aluminum, and plastic bottles into compact bundles for easier handling and transport.

Because they take up less volume that loose trash, bales save space on trucks and can dramatically reduce the number of trips required to remove on-site waste. Bales are also less likely to end up in a landfill, since they’re more desirable for businesses in the market for recyclable materials.

Balers for Every Business Need

There are balers for every need and application. Two of the most popular options are vertical balers and horizontal balers.

  • Vertical balers are a cost-effective option for businesses with smaller quantities of recycling to manage, such as supermarkets, restaurants, retailers, and small medical centers. They require an operator for loading and unloading but can process everything from paper and cardboard to aluminum, plastic, and even rags.
  • Horizontal balers are ideal for larger businesses like manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and recycling stations. They’re designed to be customized and fully automated, so they don’t require personnel to operate. Horizontal balers can handle big loads of newspaper, paper, and cardboard, as well as plastic, aluminum, steel foam, shrink wrap, and more.

Whether you need a cardboard baler, a plastic baler, or a multi-purpose unit for a variety of materials, Global Trash Solutions carries a selection of quality industrial balers at competitive prices. Browse our selection of balers for sale below and contact us with questions.

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  • B4 trash baler

    Bramidan B4 Recycling Baler

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  • Cardboard-Balers-VB-Series

    Cram-A-Lot 60 Inch Vertical Baler

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  • Bramidan X10 Baler

    Bramidan X10 HD Baler

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  • Bramidan B6030 Baler

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  • Bramidan X30 HD Baler

    Bramidan X30 HD Baler

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  • Bramidan X25 HD Baler

    Bramidan X25 HD Baler

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  • H2R-60-Auto-Tie-np

    Cram-A-Lot H2R 60 Horizontal Auto Tie Baler

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  • B20 Recycling Baler

    B20 Recycling Baler

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  • Bramidan Drum Press Baler

    Bramidan DP16 Drum Press

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  • Bramidan MC4 Baler

    Bramidan MC4 Baler

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  • Bramidan B5 Wide Baler

    Bramidan B5 Wide Baler

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  • Closed-End-Horizontal-Baler-np

    Cram-A-Lot Closed-End Horizontal Baler

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  • Wide-Mouth-Horizontal-Baler-np

    Cram-A-Lot Wide Mouth Horizontal Baler

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